Working state of PINI photodiode

The PINI photodiode receives the optical signal from the POF and converts it into a weak electrical signal. After pre-amplification, it is sent to the amplification and equalization circuit to complete the optical / electrical conversion. The light detection adopts the direct detection method, whi-----

Research on the man-machine interface management progra…

The program for designing the control system includes: PLC program, man-machine interface management program and 8031 ​​single-chip microcomputer program of ultrasonic generating module. PLC program is complicated by the control process of the system, the types of control objects -----

Research on the function of displacement evaporator

The final polycondensation reactor is immersed in hot TEG (below boiling point) to control a small amount of evaporation to the vacuum system. After condensation, part of the aldehyde is released from the liquid seal tank. The condensed TEG is adjusted by reflux compensation through the liquid -----

Top ten indicators of indoor lighting quality

Correct application of lighting quality indicators will bring new feelings to your lighting space, especially in the era of LED lighting, the quality of lighting is extremely important. The use of lighting quality indicators to purchase LED light source products will bring more effort with less effo-----

Korea Develops Flexible LED Materials

At present, many electronic and optoelectronic materials made of organic materials have good flexibility and are easy to change shape. At the same time, inorganic compounds that are not easily deformable exhibit strong performance in the manufacture of optical, electrical, and mechanical c-----

Light companies cross-border to create "home integ…

In the traditional promotion season, for consumers, these methods are discounts, rebates, and gifts. Brands and stores hope to attract popularity and increase sales through these forms. The momentary marketing policy has a positive effect on sales promotion in the stores. Many stores and m-----

Internet charging power wireless charging product disas…

The emergence of wireless charging technology has a milestone significance for power supplies. However, for wireless charging, many people are still in a stage of knowing and understanding. In order to let everyone know more clearly what wireless charging is, this article -----