Pseudo open box -12 degree Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H…

Unpacking is not easy - 12 degrees cold wind. Reasons to purchase One day suddenly wanted the earphones to make himself quiet, before knowing the BOSE QC20. However, they do not like headphones with cords, so there is a month-long selection of headphones. First of all, w-----

NB-IoT, LoRa operator market structure deduction

With the commercialization of NB-IoT, in the global market, carrier-grade low-power wide-area networks may coexist in the medium- and long-term with multi-standard networks based on NB-IoT and unlicensed spectrum technologies. In order to seize the opportunities of the Intern-----

Domestic drone how to achieve step-by-step take-off?

The wheel of history is always rolling inadvertently. It was born in the early days of the last century and it has been a hundred years old. Once we used it as a new term, with the advent of the information age, drones as an emerging field, frequent replacement of "new" drones is not limit-----

Can artificial intelligence really understand people…

At the beginning of 2017, the artificial intelligence "Master" swept the top players in the world of Go game with a record of 60 consecutive games. At the end of the week, Alpha Go took off the "Master" vest and announced a temporary retreat. His last oppon-----

Charm Blue Note5 Smartphone - Fragmentation from Virgo

Foreword--Personal gibberish after test Tip: This plan is to try the system first. After the upgrade, perform the second round of testing. Finally, make a summary. However, I didn't expect the time for the report to be so short (I didn't expect the work to-----

Micro whale 65-inch TV makes the whole picture more viv…

Micro Whale W65L TV is equipped with a 65-inch Samsung original imported RGB true 4K LCD screen, resolution up to 3840*2160, resolution is 4 times full HD 1080P. With a 178-degree wide viewing angle, the picture can be clearly displayed at any angle. And with a high-quality -----

New technology, "black gold" graphene to crea…

In December last year, the graphene-based lithium-ion battery that Huawei launched had attracted great attention. The graphene material, which was hailed as “black gold”, began to show its unique charm and gradually became commercial. Not only is graphene capable, -----