LED lighting brand new Teli will be unveiled at 2013 Ga…

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Li Jingyu] At the current stage of the hotel, clubs and other commercial lighting market, the strong involvement of LED new light source, so that the owners not only maintain the past attention to the lighting aesthetics, but also began to increase the Evaluation of t-----

Samsung Apple Patent War

On Tuesday, Samsung reimbursed Apple for a $1 billion infringement case. Samsung appealed that the judge responsible for the case stated that the jury had made mistakes in calculating Apple’s losses, and the specific amount of compensation must be decided after the case was reviewe-----

Longmei Ya Optoelectronics Brings "Bird Cage"…

2013 (3rd) High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition officially opened on November 25th at Guangzhou Pazhou Poly International Trade Fair Exhibition Hall. More than 200 domestic LED brand manufacturers brought LED products to the show, and the upper, middle and lower reaches of the company and the number o-----

Huiyitong will bring the cold forging integrated radiat…

[Text / high-tech LED reporter Li Jingyu] As big as listed companies, small to family workshops, LED lighting industry entered the market melee in a very short time. Especially in the LED lighting application market, the degree of concentration is scattered, resulting in insufficient downstream R&-----

US electric water heater market pattern or reshuffle

With the deepening of the company’s “really profitable” marketing idea in the development of its electric water heater business, the competition in the domestic electric water heater industry has also changed due to every move of the United States. The Chinese National -----

New anklets help people with diabetes relieve pain

Wearable medical devices are about to become popular today, but most devices are mainly for the monitoring of vital signs and nothing more. However, NeuroMetrix, a company founded by Harvard's Department of Health Sciences and Technology, has officially launched an unusual new device t-----

DRV2605: Analysis of automatic resonance tracking point…

Author: Texas Instruments (TI) company HapTIc product line Brian Burk 1 Introduction The DRV2605 is a haptic driver for off-axis moment of inertia (ERM) and linear resonant actuator (LRA) with built-in library and intelligent control Eng. The DRV260x family of devices uses a-----