General Administration of Radio, Film and Television

Some time ago, when Radio and TV rectified the box and pushed the TVOS system in the cable market, I said that it looked like a tightening signal and it was actually a step toward opening up. It is irrational to blindly criticize radio and television as the biggest obstacle to "triple-----

Outdoor full-color led display has advantages

High-definition outdoor full-color LED display, full-color outdoor LED display, and energy-saving outdoor LED display are very popular in the full-color LED display market. Let's take a look at their respective advantages. 1. High-definition outdoor full-color LED display products have the fo-----

Power supply problem solution based on SE8510 MCU

1. Design of flyback isolated power supply based on SE8510 Figure 1 is a schematic diagram of the SE8510 flyback isolated power system. The SE8510 is an off-line isolated primary-side control flyback LED driver control IC. The SE8510 uses a rugged high-voltage isolation proce-----

Technical requirements for LED light-emitting diode sol…

When we saw a shiny LED , we did not see that LED LEDs required a lot of program steps and technical requirements when assembling the production line. Let's talk about the technical requirements of welding. White LED light-emitting diodes are very strictly forbidden in the proces-----

LED zoom rail light development source and future devel…

The Origin of LED Zoom Module---Inspiration from -3 Cases Case 1: Foshan has a super-large shopping mall for the open-air renovation project, built a platform of 10 meters above the square, and arranged a lot of LED downlights on the platform. When the light was installed, it was found to be very -----

Singapore wants to take the lead in entering the LED er…

Since this month, street lights in 500 streets in Singapore will be gradually replaced with LED lighting fixtures, with a total replacement capacity of approximately 4,000 盏. It is expected that the entire replacement project will be completed in the second quarter of 2018. This streetlight r-----

Effective "photoelectric" technical parameter…

We can use a variety of schemes to carry out effective spectral separation according to the actual situation. It can be automatically binned by professional high-power LED splitting and separating machine. It has high efficiency and fast speed. It can separate the color sepa-----