65 inch smart TV how to buy? Which 65-inch smart TV is best to use? Recommended current cost-effective model representatives, micro whale 65U and Kukai K65 two 4K TV models, parameter configuration introduction, analytical performance, to achieve the most comprehensive comparison. Which is better for the micro whale 65U and the cool open K65? Below, look at the comparison of the two recommended 65 inch 4K smart TVs!

Micro whale 65U

Reference price: 5698 yuan

Micro whale 65U Features: Original imported Samsung 4K screen, all-metal thin body, massive source all in one, flat waterfall flow home design.

Cool open K65

Reference price: 4599 yuan

Cool open K65 product features: Cool open K65 is a 64-bit 4K big screen smart TV products, positioning home theater-class screen products. High light steam injection molding with high configuration performance, 65-inch large size best choice.

Micro whale 65U

Cool open K65
Which is better for the micro whale 65U and the cool open K65? Below, Xiao Bian carries out the contour design, hardware configuration, picture quality, sound effects, domestic resources and operating system, and the six aspects of the comparison and introduction!

Shape design

The micro whale 65U TV uses a space metal all-metal slim body, the thinnest part is only 9.9mm, light fiber smart. The warm feeling of the boot and standby breathing lamp design, the unique light bar design integrates the Bluetooth module and the warning light into one module.

Cool open K65 as a super large screen, cool open K65 in the design with a bright narrow edge design, a steam film injection molding, high surface finish fine, and bright black screen and frame clever fusion, shining mystery Black crystal light.

Hardware configuration

The MicroWhale 65U TV uses a desktop computer-grade 64-bit architecture that can process twice as much traditional 32-bit processor data at a time, enabling up to 60 frames per second of 4K video decoding capability. Support 4K + H.265 hard decoding technology, only 10M broadband can be online to watch 4K content.

Cool open K65 is also quite awesome, equipped with ARM 4 core CPU, Mali 450 MP4 4 + 2 core graphics processor, 1GB DDR3, 4GB eMMC large memory, ultra-high frequency + large memory allows TV to run large games smooth, do not get stuck . And the aircraft is also equipped with a second generation WiFi module that can quickly connect to the network.

Micro whale 65U
Picture quality

The micro whale 65U TV adopts the original imported Samsung 4K ultra-high-definition VA panel with a resolution of up to 3840*2160. It uses wide color gamut technology and has a gamut of up to 90% NTSC. It also brings intelligent light control technology. The intelligent dynamic backlight system can precisely control the distribution of light from the backlight source and give the picture closer to the dynamic range of human eyes.

Cool open K65 as a super large screen, cool open K65 in the design with a bright narrow edge design, a steam film injection molding, high surface finish fine, and bright black screen and frame clever fusion, shining mystery Black crystal light.

Sound effect

The micro whale 65U TV has HiFi-grade audio, and the midrange and tweeter units are coaxially designed to achieve Hi-Fi-grade hi-fi effect. The unique guiding design makes the mid-high frequency directivity stronger and brings more real telepresence. Support DOLBY, DTS audio dual decoding, built-in Dolby ATMOS panoramic sound field technology.

Cool open K65 to achieve large sound cavity + NICAM sound effects! With a large-tone cavity, NICAM technology includes surround sound + wall-mounted sound effects. The sound is mellow and the lost touch is regained. Achieve shocking sound quality, help users recover lost touched!

Cool open K65
Content resources

"Massive Source All in One" is a major selling point for micro-whale TV. It relies on Chinese culture to produce strength and integrates excellent domestic and foreign content resources. Microwhale integrates the resources of Alibaba, Tencent, Chinese culture, Mango TV and other large content platforms into content resources, and introduces massive heavyweight IP to join hands with Canxing, Noon Sunshine, and Oriental DreamWorks to create a phenomenal high quality variety IP "Chinese New Song" "Wait. Pool resources such as TVB, BBC, Hollywood, and phenomenal sports core events into the content library.

Kukai K65 is equipped with the GITV Licensing Platform. Galaxy Internet TV (GITV) is the Internet TV Integrated Broadcasting and Controlling Licensee. It gathers a large number of high-definition video content resources such as CCTV, Jiangsu Internet TV, and the movie network. More than 680000 popular movies and TV series video content, 40,000 children's film and television programs, and the total number of film sources exceeds 240,000 hours.

Operating system

The WUI of the Micro Whale TV is optimized based on the Android system and uses a flatter waterfall flow homepage design, which shortens the search path exponentially. It includes eye protection mode and night screen mode, which is convenient for users to choose and use.

The micro whale 65U TV is equipped with a cool open system. Cool open system is fast! Fast boot, will achieve 15 seconds extremely fast boot, instant operating experience, to bring users a higher end of the application era; fast operation, simple and user-friendly UI design, millisecond response speed to achieve the best operating experience; extremely fast search , Fast input, quick search, fast push, fast search in multiple ways. The newly designed cool open system can bring more user-friendly settings and a smooth operating experience.

Which is better for the micro whale 65U and the cool open K65? Both are large-screen 4K smart TV products, and the difference in price is more than 1,000 yuan. However, the two televisions are different in terms of form design, hardware configuration and so on. Therefore, users need to compare and purchase according to their own needs and preferences!

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