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1 background introduction

As the wheels of time continue to roll forward, the Android/ios system version is also increasing and system playability is increasing. Mobile games that once ran through the crowd of students in the java era have returned to people’s minds through the Android/ios system in recent years. From the very beginning “Plant vs. Zombies”, “Fishing Talents” and “Angry Birds” , "Fruit Ninja", to a few years ago, "The Temple Run" triggered a group of parkour game blowouts to the "Three Kingdoms", "Happy to eliminate music" and the recent fire "The Glory of the King", "Princess Po Dream "Famine." Mobile games will undoubtedly become the second only to the pc game. As a contemporary Internet user to follow the pace of their friends, the mobile phone is not embarrassing to borrow some mobile games for others to see. Today I introduced you to a game that has no brains (com.cmcm.arrowio)_1.0.28_Android (com.cmcm.arrowio) 1.0.28: is a shot that is too challenging for a single machine to try networking. Ordinary opening is hit by a popcorn direct link

Chinese name: Archer combat

In the game, the player is transformed into a square-headed archer with a robot. Your task is to live. The game is like a trial room in a fantasy novel. There is no law in it, and regulations can harm each other until the other person dies. All you get is fewer enemies and more experience. With experience, you can get new weapons or blood or special skills faster (such as through the wall). With these, you can quickly and securely snap a sudden and eliminate all other players except you.

The game is divided into stand-alone mode and networking mode, stand-alone version is relatively simple, ai is generally stupid, waiting for you to end him. Online mode is a global player attack on the same platform, completely fight the speed, ah, due to network problems, many people have not seen the enemy to go in and have been killed by others. I have been killed 10 times in a row.... The players inside are crazy and overbearing, specifically killing a novice....

2 game guide

You first need to download an app named Through Baidu, all major application markets can download. Above I have attached the download page of CoolNet. After installation enters.

Going in without a name requires the player to customize one.

Divided into 4 arenas: junior, senior, full firepower, midnight a new limited-time tournament. Recently there was a team model.

When new players start in the junior arena, when the number of killers reaches the requirements of the next arena, the next arena will be automatically unlocked. Of course, there is also a full unlocked app on the web.

Two video, wifi under the limited-time tournament: to show you how to be killed when new people go in.

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