【Global Science and Technology Report】On February 16, Baidu announced the wholly-owned acquisition of Raven Technologies Co., Ltd., the founder of Lu Yi, who joined the team officially joined Baidu, and served as general manager of Baidu smart home hardware, president and chief operating officer of Baidu Group. Lu Qi reported.

Lu Qi expressed his warm welcome to Lu Wei and the team joining Baidu. He said in an internal e-mail that this is an important step for Baidu to lead the future development of artificial intelligence, lay a leading edge for Baidu's intelligent interactive platform and build a core competition for hardware and software integration. Force has a very important significance. After joining Lui Chen, he will be responsible for Baidu's smart hardware business and work together to create products with the ultimate innovation experience. The external output schedule of the accelerated Mystery OS will help build Baidu's artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Lu Wei was born in 1990. He studied finance and mathematics at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and the University of Liverpool, England. He spent the last year at the University of the Arts in London and founded a time-based social software timeet within 3 months. Swept the 53 universities in England and China. Lu Hao founded RavenTech in May 2014 and has personally been selected by Forbes as the top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs.

Raven Technologies is committed to building a next-generation operating system based on artificial intelligence and new interactions. Earlier, it received tens of millions of US dollars worth of investment from Real Fund, Jingwei China, Y Combinator, DCM, and Jade Alternative Investment (MSA). In the past two years, he has won many awards for excellent design of products and interactions. He is also the only Chinese mainland startup team with Y Combinator W15, the world's top incubator. The Raven Technology team currently has 60 people, with an average age of 26 years old, over 50% of whom are R&D engineers, and a team of well-known elite designers. Its products include Music Flow, a minimalist music player that is loved by millions of users; Flow of the IM+AI Chatbot product, the first on-line product in the world; and Raven H-1, a smart home control hardware designed in a modular fashion.

In his earlier internal speech, Baidu CEO Li Yanhong once mentioned that the combination of soft and hard artificial intelligence products will be a new direction. For example, smart speakers can respond to the needs of users anytime, anywhere, so that artificial intelligence and new types can be used regardless of power consumption. The combination of hardware creates new opportunities.

Industry insiders believe that after Lu Qi joined and became president and COO of the Group, Baidu has significantly strengthened the recruitment of talents and industrial layout in the field of artificial intelligence. The acquisition of Raven Technology is a phased achievement of this strategy and will consolidate Baidu's labor. Smart industry leading position accelerates the process of productization and commercialization.

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