Have fun enough to grab the building?
Write annoying test?
Hey, open the sofa butler client and add a dialogue to the picture on the recommendation
Find a different kind of fun~

For example, you can do this:

You can also do this:

In short, you only need to relax your nerves, open your brain hole, and use your intelligence and sense of humour.
To brain cushion sofa butler home page recommended a dialogue between the characters ~

Can use Figure 1 as material
Can use Figure 2 as material
Can also use two pictures together
Even, you can choose a sofa butler recommend other interesting pictures that you think

You can make them
Static graph, dynamic graph
It can also be a comic like multi-chart

You can download material from here
Can go to the sofa client screenshot
But we must remember to return our works to this building.

Event ended on the 31st of the month
We will select the most creative, fun, and interesting classmate.
Send a small box of millet,
There will be 10 Youku member monthly cards for the same excellent ten students

Do not grab the building!
Do not measure!
Hey, open the sofa butler client, add a dialogue to the picture on the recommendation position, and see who's brain hole will be the largest?

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