Among Changhong’s many TV models, Changhong’s Q2N TVs have been favored by many users due to their high-end hardware configuration and performance experience. With the support of "M+ Double-Core" Smart Link Technology, it not only kills similar products in the industry with its superior hardware and software configurations, but also uses "Real-Time Upgrade Configuration", "Full-range Audio Guide" and "Live Custom Play, Mobile Play on the Same Screen. , Big screen speed play "three" gameplay" and many other highlights, has been unanimously recognized by the industry and consumers are widely praised. Even Xue Dengchao is a strong platform for CHiQ and joins the CHiQ team as a spokesperson.

How can we miss the opportunity to start CHiQ TV during the 618 Carnival in Europe and America where the "high-tech" specializes in small series? Therefore, a 55Q2N is properly lying in my living room. This is not, Xiao Bian roommates can not wait to be "open".

Bai Fumei Review Lion Black Brain Technology CHiQ

Just look at the beginning, maybe someone has given up: Xiaobian you are "did not hide"? There is such a sister paper as a roommate. Do you still keep your single dog alive? Don't make a fuss, but "Lenjia" is serious. Let Xiao Bian first spread the knowledge to those who still don't make CHiQ a god horse.


The CHiQ TV Q2 series is the world's first new mobile Internet TV product launched by Changhong in early 2015. Unlike the industry's smart TVs that are all designed as a single-chip system, the CHiQ TV generation product subversion industry took the lead in throwing away the remote control via the mobile phone/Pad. On the basis of television interconnection, the Q2 new product has added an external pluggable mobile cube with a mobile chip.

It can be said that the key point of "proving that CHiQ is CHiQ" is the "small box" equipped with the "M+ dual-core" smart connection technology. If you and I talk about beauty for a long time, you still have to remember. Please check the poster of the super brother automatically. Think over the wall.

"Fried chicken" test CHiQ language surprising

With the support of "M+ dual-core" technology, CHiQ TV Q2 series not only excels in overall machine running speed, but also has "two hearts" and IQ is also "wonderful"! Especially in hardware configuration. In the case of a full upgrade, its "full voice guidance" function fully demonstrates the absolute superiority of CHiQ TV in voice interaction. Now Xiaobian tells you how many "NB" functions of CHiQ TV's "full-range audio guidance" feature!

In fact, Q2N's new CHiQ TV Q2's leap in voice control is not only reflected in the completed instructions, but also greatly improved the accuracy and user-friendly design of the completed instructions. Whether you are watching videos or listening to music, you can give commands such as “play, pause, fast forward, rewind” to CHiQ TV at any time.

Of course, CHiQ TV can not only support the voice and audio control of audio and video resources, but also can realize the retrieval of stock information, life information, and even complete a simple dialogue with you.

"Is Beijing's weather better than New Zealand today?" After listening to Xiao Shen's question, Xiao Bian immediately laughed. This is not the rhythm of "it will not die without death", mainly because the weather index of Beijing's weather in the latter half of last week was really good enough. Do you still remember the "APEC Blue on Daming Lake"?

The CHiQ Small Universe Breaks Out The Three "Playing" Acts Captively Capture the Goddess

In addition to the "full-range voice guide," CHiQ TV "live custom play, mobile synchronization play, big screen speed play," the three high-energy "play" is also the capture of the goddess of "nirvana." Like our "copywriter dogs" who have to kill a bloody road every day in the "text", the "live custom play" function "is really good!"

"Mobile synchronous play" means that on the basis of the full connection between the two screens of TV and mobile phones, real-time TV programs can be taken away, and the two-way interconnection of mobile phone pictures and videos can be synchronized to the TV. In addition, the Q2 new product also has a picture management platform for “spots and pictures”. Like a self-paced control such as a beauty test lion, you can also create a DIY electronic photo album of your own. No wonder where you don’t forget to give spokespersons "Kiss", Super Brother is really blessing!

However, the beauty of Wuli beauty is still "big screen speed play", "large-size 3A-class ultra-thin 4K screen + super hardware configuration", if you do not play wild car racing 8 such a large-scale speed game, really wasteful.

In this huge summer holiday archives, are you still tangling up for what you are looking for? Quickly open Changhong CHiQ TV Q2N, first-hand video information waiting for you to see. Come on Changhong CHiQ TV Q2N to enjoy singing and laughing.

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