[Zhongshan Station reporter Liang Zishan] With the increasing popularity of online shopping, e-commerce has become a major development path for many businesses with its many advantages such as low cost, convenience and speed. At the 3rd Hi-Tech LED Lighting Exhibition, the reporter learned about a lighting company specializing in e-commerce - Chendian Songsheng Electrical Appliance Factory in Chaonan District, Shantou City.

"This high-tech exhibition, we mainly promote LED bulbs, hope that more people will know about our bulbs, thus opening the door to online sales. We use e-commerce as the main sales platform, and currently have its own sales online store in Taobao. It is planned to enter Tmall Mall in the next year." The person in charge of the booth of Chendian Songsheng Electrical Appliance Factory told the reporter.

Our Wireless Backup Camera Systems adopts 2.4G digital wireless image transmission technology. High quality image,  anti-interference without any transmission delay. No need to run cabling through your vehicle, cut down installation time.

 Built-in 2.4G digital wireless 7 inch screen display and waterproof night vision truck backup camera.

This product adopt high-resolution TFT color LCD display and  2.4G digital wireless technology, IT adopted the embedded processor and embedded operating system, combined with the latest technology areas of IT, such as video compression/decompression technology, Digital code locking technique to avoid the serial code phenomenon of productsthe structure adopts special shockproof and waterproof technology.And it has easy installation, simple connection, no radiation, low power consumption, no flicker, colorful and realistic, and can be widely used in various vehicles.

Wireless Backup Camera Systems

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