Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched a "COB*1 Series Version2" lighting LED product with a significant increase in performance, with a total of 5 series and 11 varieties. The new product will be on display at the "Euroluce 2013" exhibition in Milan, Italy on April 9th.

The "COB Series Version1" currently on sale has the characteristics of "a single LED can provide a wide range of luminous flux" and "a product selection based on luminous efficiency". According to the accelerating trend of the energy-saving society and the market trends and demands for the conversion of large-light flux lighting fixtures to LEDs, the "COB Series Version 2" achieves greater luminous flux and higher efficiency by re-selecting components such as chips.

Lighting LED "COB Series Version2"

Main feature

1. Luminous efficiency is up to 38% higher than existing products

The light extraction efficiency is improved by the re-selection and optimization of the components, and the luminous flux is increased by 15-33% compared with the existing products, and the luminous efficiency is improved by 15 to 38%.

Performance comparison under the same driving conditions
Luminous flux Luminous efficiency (Product number)
Existing product 8,160lm 99lm/W (CLL050-1825A1 4000K)
New product 10,850lm
[133% of existing products]
[138% of existing products]
(CLL052-1825A5 4000K)

2. The commonality of lighting fixture design

Achieving a range of luminous fluxes from 10W incandescent lamps to 300W mercury lamps in existing sources requires hundreds of sources. The five series of products published this time all cover this range of luminous flux, making the common optical design around the LED possible and improving the efficiency of lighting design.

Secondly, due to the shape, size and circuit of the existing products, the existing "COB Series Version1" products can be easily replaced without changing the wiring, the drive circuit and the components around the LED.

3. Wide coverage of luminous flux

The Chip on Aluminum method (the company's patent)*2 achieves high efficiency of heat release and improved light extraction efficiency, enabling one LED to provide a wide range of luminous flux. A wide range of 5 fluxes of 5 series products are available, covering the range of brightness from 100lm to 20,190lm (0.8W to 170W) without gaps. Secondly, in this series of products, LED products with the required luminous efficiency can be selected.

4. Uniform light

Considering the optical design of the lighting fixture, the uniform configuration of the light-emitting surface is achieved by the optimal arrangement of the chip.

Uniform illumination chip configuration

Corresponding to the 1/9 "MacAdam Ellipse 3-Step" color management standard of ANSI C78.377 specification*3, the chromaticity deviation of the LED is hardly felt. (except 5,000K and Ra65 models)

5. Use our company's LED selection tool software to make LED selection quick and easy

In order to assist lighting manufacturers to select LEDs, the company has prepared LED selection tool software, which can quickly and easily find the relevant LED model products by inputting parameters such as luminous flux in the software.

Main parameters of new products

★CLL052 series Ra Min. 80 is only 2,700K, 3,000K, 3,500K, 4,000K.

*1 COB: Short for Chip on Board, the structure in which the LED chip is directly attached to the circuit board.
*2 Chip on Alumi: The method of directly attaching the LED chip to the aluminum substrate, the company's patent.
*3 ANSI C78.377 Specifications: Specifications for the color range of LED lighting products developed by the American Standards Association

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