Japan-based NIKKISO (Nikkiso Co., Ltd.) recently announced that its board of directors has decided to acquire a 100% stake in AquiSense Technologies LLC from Nikkei.

AquiSense Technologies LLC is a US-based company that develops, manufactures and markets modules and systems for deep UV LEDs.

Deep ultraviolet LEDs are expected to be used in a variety of applications, such as water source disinfection, air disinfection, deodorization, medical sterilization, surface modified resin / ink curing, analytical measuring instruments.

By meeting the unmet market demands of traditional UV mercury lamps and the existing requirements for alternative UV mercury lamps, the expansion of the global market for deep ultraviolet LEDs will be accelerated.

By advancing the gradual decline in the market price of high-efficiency, long-life deep-UV LEDs, it will meet the new demands of global environmentally friendly products and the improvement of living standards in emerging countries.

At present, NIKKISO is moving from the development of deep ultraviolet LED components to the development of modules and systems.

AquiSense Technologies LLC has launched its first UV-LED-based water disinfection system called “pearlaqua” and has begun selling their products to the global market. Through this acquisition, we will accelerate the market development of the deep UV LED business.

Previously, AquiSense Technologies (Europe) Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AquiSense Technologies LLC, was selected to participate in the International Space Exploration Project (BIOWYSE) wet system biofouling integrated control.

AquiSense's decontamination modules will use UVCLED technology similar to that used by PearlAqua, and Dr. Richard Simons, an engineer at Imperial College London, will be the project manager for AquiSense.

As the price of LED packaged devices continues to decline, the gross profit level of related companies has also dropped to a new low. Finding new profit growth points has become the most urgent and most concerned topic for enterprises.

In 2015, the output value of UV LEDs was US$135 million. It is expected that the market size of UV LEDs will reach US$300 million by 2017. The huge market potential of UV LEDs has also attracted many domestic LED companies to compete.

For example, Hongli Zhihui, a well-known domestic packaging company, announced its involvement in the field of deep-UV LED packaging in 2014 and established a professional microbiology laboratory. In 2015, its UVA and UVC packaging products were mass-produced. Similarly, in 2014, National Star Optoelectronics also launched In its own UV LED device, the 1215, 3535, and 6363 UV LED devices in the COB package were introduced in 2015.

As the global market is based on the accelerated integration and development of the deep-UV LED application market, it is an irreversible trend for domestic LED companies to enter a segment with higher profit margins. It is believed that more manufacturers will enter the UV LED market. . As the UV LED equipment matures and the supply chain becomes more sophisticated, the decline in UV LED prices is only a matter of time.

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