Recalling the event's hand-to-hand engagement with the sofa butler about the double 11! The total floor number 25236 floor decompression password *&Um1(y*SG!V]@=[#DG0/5~,D?3e}

Winning situation:

Prizes Prize Rank Proportions Floor Winning Floor Winning ID Remarks First Prize 14% 3533 zy_830226 Smile Tochigi, Cancellation, Banned 42% 10599 cylr222 sien, Cancelled, 70% 17665 CKJ Second Prize 28% 7066 wuys521 56% 14132 csut_deng Mu Yun Ling Feng , Cancel, 84% 21198 Cloudy style sharing award 3% 757 Fruit jelly 1111 wuys521, Middle, 8% 2018 Hi greatly 12% 3028 Every day 18% 4542 2678981222 21% 5299 Holy Light swept thousands, cancelled, banned 25% 6309 353434357 33% 8327 Chen Zhou
38% 9589 Network - In love 45% 11356 431135246 49% 12365 whlid 53% 13375 htsjln 59% 14889 jhf1981 64% 16151 hifi557 68% 17160 73% bad year 18422 zero or zero 77% 19431 mmenghan 81% 20441 xxxwwww 88% 22207 a lot Good More than 93% 23469 Crystal Ice Language Lucky Hand, Cancellation, Banned 97% 24478 6th Floor

Award description:

1. A list of winners will be announced for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
2. Winners must join the sofa network activity group (group number 426470841) to facilitate contact;
3, please win the winner within three days through the forum to submit personal information to the sofa Forum Moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.

(Winning of personal information is submitted as of 17:00, November 7, 2016. Another lucky winner must submit a message: Alipay account)

Event Name: [Sunburn] Yi Code hand in hand with the sofa butler about your carnival double 11!

4, if you can not submit personal information through the forum site, please contact the Mi Xue sister in the "sofa net - activity group (QQ group number)" to provide login forum screenshots and personal information.

Sun Description:

After receiving the prize for this event, please sip on the following sun exposure posters without having to open a separate post sun award.

[Sunbirth] Yi Code hand in hand with the sofa butler about your carnival double 11!

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