Electronic enthusiasts' news: In recent days, the phrase "Houde carries fog, self-improvement does not suck" has been popular in many places, indicating people's helplessness to the hazy weather; travel in this gray environment does exist greatly Inconvenience, whether walking or driving, in the case of extremely low visibility, the most worrying thing about our travel is the safety issue. Based on this, the editor of the electronic enthusiast website has compiled four major technologies to solve this problem for everyone, including automotive LEDs Lighting technology, radar technology, GPS technology and the latest Beidou navigation technology.

Automotive LED lighting technology

Efficient collimated lighting lens: assist LED light source in automotive lighting

Recently, researchers in the Information Photonics Laboratory of the Xi'an Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, the Chinese Academy of Sciences have designed a lens for efficient LED collimation illumination, which can focus 80% of the light emitted by the LED into a 5 meter radius cylinder and out of the light source. 200 meters of pavement.

As the fourth-generation lighting source, LED is the key to achieving efficient light output and collimated lighting. The international authoritative magazine in the field of optoelectronics believes that researchers use simple and fast methods to design two non-imaging LED collimating lenses, which is completely different from the complicated iterative software design methods commonly used in existing LED optical designs.

Haze travel artifact: LED products that are maps and flashlights

Boston-based designer Owen Song has designed a new LED application called Light, which is a map and a flashlight.

This concept product combines two pieces of paper, one with a map printed on it, the other with a cover and a power generating device with positive and negative poles in the back. A thin battery and LED lights are wrapped between the two pieces of paper. When you roll the map When the positive and negative poles are connected, the LED lights will glow, so that the map becomes a flashlight.

Radar technology

Application of Radar in Automobile Active Safety System

Automobile safety performance is an important issue in the development of automotive technology. In order to improve the driving safety performance of vehicles, various advanced technologies are applied to automobiles. The following small series introduces the application of automotive radar in new active safety system vehicles, and explains its system structure, working principle and design ideas; I hope it can play a guiding role in the future research and development of active safety performance.

Automobile's active safety technology can prevent accidents from happening, and is increasingly valued by major car companies and consumers. More advanced technologies are also applied to it. The pre-collision safety system and adaptive cruise control system with radar ranging technology as the core have become new targets for active safety systems in recent years.

Pre-Collision Safety System (Pre-Collision Safety System) referred to as PCSS, which is mainly composed of real-time monitoring radar, various sensors, signal processing modules, alarm modules and actuators; the core technology of the system is to use the radar device installed in the front of the vehicle Measure the distance of the dynamic vehicles and obstacles ahead, and feed back the measured vehicle and obstacle information to the system signal processing module (see Figure 1).

The signal processing module integrates the radar feedback information with the various sensor information of the vehicle to calculate the relative distance and relative speed of the vehicle with the PCSS system and the obstacle in front. When the distance and speed cannot meet the minimum safety value preset by the system, the actuator will activate the safety device on the vehicle to assist the driver to control the driving of the vehicle to achieve the goal of active anti-collision. 【Details】

Infineon's automotive radar chip allows cars to see the road ahead

In Europe, car accidents cause approximately 1.7 million injuries and 40,000 deaths each year. The European Union plans to reduce this number by half by 2010, and the application of innovative safety systems to automobiles will help achieve this goal. For example, regardless of visibility, medium and long-range radar systems can reduce the risk of road traffic accidents. After the vehicle is installed with such a safety system, other vehicles and obstacles 20 to 200 meters ahead can be identified.

At present, the radar system is expensive, exceeding 1,000 Euros, and it is difficult to widely put it into commercial use. In addition, the size of these systems is usually 10cm X 20cm, taking up a lot of space in the car fender.

Infineon Technologies will change this situation with a new radar chip. It is expected that mid- and long-range radar systems using this chip will enter the mid-range car market by mid-2010. Using the RXN7740 in the RASIC â„¢ (radar system IC) product family, manufacturers can reduce the size of the radar system by a quarter, while reducing the system cost of wireless RF modules by more than 20%.

Hans Adlkofer, Vice President of Infineon Technologies and General Manager of the Sensor Control Business Division, said: "Radar technology is the key to designing innovative driver assistance systems to avoid traffic accidents. No matter what weather conditions our radar chip (including Foggy, rainy and snowy days) can make the car see the road ahead. It is with this chip that the mid- and long-range radar system will become the standard equipment for mid-level vehicles by 2010. " [details]

The new product line is the characteristic product of our company's production and development, mainly including the Anti-corrosive Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole,Solar Camera light,Cylindrical Intelligent Street Lamp,No power LED Module .

Anti-corrosive Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole Solar camera light

Cylindrical Intelligent street lampNo power LED module

1.Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole

The spinning pole is the use of foreign advanced spinning equipment,forming a whole without welding,forming a conical or profiled bar.And then polishing,remove surface oil,burr and indentation.Then after the quenching intensity,to T6 state,in line with international standards.The product never rust ,strong corrosion resistance,diversified surface treatment process,the appearance of simple fluid lines.Light weight and convenient installation and transportation,the rod body can be 100%recycling,low melting temperature.

Product features

â‘ Using spinning equipment advanced,the whole forming a non welding

â‘¡Product permanent does not rust,corrosion resistance

â‘¢Diversified surface treatment technology,make the appearance line succinct smooth

â‘£The light weight,convenient installation and transportation

⑤The rod body can be 100% recycling,melting temperature is low.

Aluminum alloy spinning lamp pole

2.Camera street light

The camera street light is used to use the infrared network high definition intelligent ball's various features so that it can be widely used in the need of large-scale hd quality control of the site.

Functional properties

â‘ Smart Function:Smart Tracing,Smart Inspecting,Smart Road Monitor

â‘¡System Function:Smart Video,Smart Photo Enhancement

â‘¢Movement Function

â‘£Network Function

Camera street light

3.Intelligent Street Lamp 

Intelligent Street Lamps are also called intelligent lighting or smart street lights.It adopts the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to comprehensively upgrade the urban public lighting management system, so as to realize centralized control, operation and maintenance information and intelligent lighting of street lamps.The most advanced versions of Intelligent Street Lamps have been designed to create a happy atmosphere in roads, streets, squares and other places.The design of intelligent street lamps can only be designed by a wide range of discussions and environments that provide an aesthetic consistency.

Product feature


Monitoring urban environment conditions

Sensor norise

Air pollution sensor

Temperature/humidity sensor

Brightness sensor

Municipal construction monitor


Special crowed monitor

CMC monitor

Community security monitor

Municipal facilities monitor

3.Communication Services

Micro base station

Street lights embedded WIFI hot spot

4.Video Monitor

Security monitor

Vehicle monitor

5.Emergency Broadcast

Active of the external field radio monitoring center

6.Intelligent Lighting

Cellular cooling technology

Based on the luminance uniformity of light distribution

Intelligent single lamp/center controller

Variety of modular design lamp,holder is optional.

7.Information Release

Advertising exposure

Current politics news

Information release

8.Charging Column

Electric car

Electric bicycle

Intelligent street lamp

4. Led Module

● The unique acicular radiator,360 degree dissipation small wind resistance. High heat dissipation efficiency ensuring that the LED chip can work for 50000 hours.

● Color temperature 3000-6000K

● Light≥90LM/W

● Matching the 2.3.4 lane,tunnel and Landscape Lamp,floodlight dedicated lens.Ensure that intensity and uniformity.

● Glare index Signification reduce the original LED module size,removal of power supply problems.Low demands for application situation and installation personnel .More suitable for the transformation of traditional lamps.

Product features

â‘ The solid heat conduction,Plug-in package technology

â‘¡Alternating current method,Alternating current direct drive to overturn the traditional application.

â‘¢Avoid long-distance power.Transfer will have excess loss.

â‘£No power supply ACLED

⑤Customized LED lens

â‘¥Automatic dimming system intelligent.

⑦Wide application,flexible combination.

New Products Lighting Series

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