Earlier, the industry reported rumours that Xiaomi was about to make a micro-camera, and pointed out that the date would be released on September 19. However, today, the micro-camera is out, but it is not Xiaomi's hair, but its ecological chain. The company Ant Antenna Technology.

Small Ant Technology once made two camera products for Xiaomi, a sports camera and a camera product. Today, the small ant held a press conference and released a micro-camera, the small ant micro-camera M1.

Small Ant Micro Single Camera Parameters:

The small ant micro-single uses the Sony Exmor IMX 269 sensor, 2016 effective pixels, ISO 100-25600, camera resolution up to 5184×3888, interpolable to 8160×6120 (50 million pixels), supports 4K/30fps, 1080p/60fps video Recording, and low noise work mode.

Built-in professional ISP image processor, quad-core ARM CPU, support HDR, lossless RAW, video electronic image stabilization, distortion correction.

The 81-point touch selects contrast focus, and the focus range covers most Live View areas, and supports face recognition, up to 32 faces.

Japan COPAL mechanical shutter, speed 60s-1/4000s, support b/t door, maximum exposure time 30 minutes, support 5 shots per second continuous shooting.

Lens standard focal length 12-40mm, maximum aperture F3.5-5.6, aperture range F3.5-22, 9 groups of 11 optical structures, including 1 ED lens, 3 aspherical lenses, 1 aspheric ED lens NET weight 186 grams, filter interface 62 mm.

At the same time there are 42.5mm F1.8 specifically for portrait shooting, the first portrait/macro two-in-one, two high-precision aspheric lenses to suppress lens distortion, stepper motor + screw structure.

The small ant has also developed a portrait photography frame shooting mode "Masters with the line", the use of template box form, the user can directly frame composition shot through the screen, you can also download more templates in the cloud.

Although Xiaomi's ecological chain company, but this time the small ant released micro-camera does not mount millet online, but on its own website on the introduction, the small ant said that the micro-single will be in September 23 in Jingdong Starting price, the price is also inherited the glorious tradition of millet "price butcher" - standard zoom kit 2199 yuan, double lens kit 2999 yuan.

When the small ant micro-camera was just released, some people questioned the authenticity of the proofs used by the micro ants. Some netizens said that their proofs were plagiarized before microblogging netizens "internet Feixia" pictures and posted a comparison of the two pictures.

@Internet Flash before microblogging pictures

Small ants official proofs

However, afterwards, @Feifeixia came out to clarify the matter and said that before that, he got a small ant micro-camera and provided proofs to the small ants.

There is no real machine, and there is no real machine at present. Lei Feng Net (searching "Lei Feng Net" public number concerned) can not be judged, but the price of 2K+ is very attractive, how do photography enthusiasts think this camera?

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