[Source: LED Engineering's "LED lighting channel" 2013 No. 6 (total of 42) reporter / Xiong Yuheng At present, due to the lack of standards, consumer awareness is not enough, the entire LED lighting market was mixed, a large number of low-quality low-end The product is full of it. However, the brand products with high quality and high price have not been grounded, and they cannot stand on the market in the terminal market.

Take the 3*1W ceiling lamp as an example. The price of 5-10 yuan in Zhongshan Lighting Store is quite high. This kind of product is dominated by low price, and the current shipment volume is also the largest; while the product of 15-25 yuan, In terms of appearance, it is more attractive to the eye, but the quality of these products is relatively low, and the color rendering index is relatively low. The quality can be described as unsatisfactory and can not be a good product.

When participating in the market competition, we are pleased to find that not all consumers are concentrated in the low-end market, among which there are many consumers who have high quality requirements, strong brand awareness and better understanding of LEDs, which also provides high-end products. market.

We know that light efficiency and indexing are the two most important indicators for evaluating the quality of LED lamps. The light efficiency determines the brightness and energy saving rate of the lamps. The indicator determines the color difference of the illuminated objects. This is also the two key points that Shike always pays attention to. . At present, the industry recognized that the standard of LED lighting is double 80, that is, the light efficiency and color rendering index need to be more than 80.

Shike's center of gravity is in the field of spotlights, which has high requirements on light quality. The current color rendering index of spotlight products can achieve more than 80, the light color is pure, the spot effect is evenly transitioned, and no color cast phenomenon appears, mainly for high-end. Commercial space and villa club lighting.

In terms of light efficiency, Shike uses Osram's original chip to match the self-developed lens. At present, the mass production of our lighting fixtures can achieve 70Lm/W. Take our economical 3*1W ceiling lamp as an example, the price is around 30 yuan, which means that Ra>81.7, light efficiency 70-73Lm/W, luminous flux is about 280Lm, 1M illumination is 1600-1800Lux (25 degree), these data It is quite good in the peers.

Under the premise of ensuring light efficiency, our optical engineers are also constantly testing, in-depth research on the power efficiency and light distribution of the lamps, and strive to improve the light output and light transmittance, and strive to make a big breakthrough in the short-term light efficiency. At the same time, through a reasonable light distribution design, to achieve a more ideal spot effect, these are the direction that stone guests need to work hard.

The development of the industry follows the market rule of survival of the fittest, and now the lighting market is still in a relatively free state, providing a space for survival of low-priced and inferior products. Consumers and distributors need to improve their understanding of LED lighting characteristics. Only in this way can the LED lighting quality be required, which also involves the establishment of industry standards and the standardized production of manufacturers.

While referring to industry standards, some local governments, relevant associations, and enterprises now have corresponding local standards. These local standards are mostly for local enterprises, and local colors are strong. If we can introduce national standards and achieve uniformity in terms of interfaces and accessories, it is also very beneficial for the creation of good products.

In fact, looking at the entire industry, including Zhongshan, there are many manufacturers of products, but the current consumers only pay attention to the market status of the price, resulting in a mismatch of good products corresponding to the terminal channels, making low-cost inferior LED lighting Products are flooding the entire end market.

In the future, this pattern will eventually be broken, and I believe that time will not be too long, and enterprises need to be persistent.

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