GoPro today unveiled a handheld PTZ Karma Grip, another camera accessory released by GoPro following the release of a drone in September. The Karma Grip is priced at $299 and is currently available on the GoPro store. Of course, this does not include the price of the camera.

Karma Grip supports Black and Silver versions of GoPro Hero 5 and Hero 4, and the Hero 5 Session version will be supported in the second quarter of 2017. The Hero 5 series is a new release of GoPro with Karma in September this year and is a major update to GoPro's two-year sports camera for two years.

Regarding the re-launch time of the Karma drone, GoPro did not give a specific time in response to the US media. Just after Karma officially went on sale for 16 days, GoPro announced that it had recalled 2,500 Karma drones that had been shipped due to user feedback.

GoPro releases handheld cloud platform, and the re-listing of drones is still in the foreseeable future.

GoPro, which started with a sports camera, has been losing money since the second quarter of 2015. It is also from this time that GoPro has begun to transform. The Karma drone is an important project, and GoPro has invested most of its resources. Due to the influence of Karma, GoPro losses are more serious. In order to reverse the operational dilemma, GoPro recently announced that the company is undergoing restructuring and layoffs. This round of layoffs involves about 200 jobs, accounting for 15% of the total number of employees. Tony Bates, the president responsible for expanding GoPro's media business, will also leave the company at the end of the year. GoPro also plans to close its offices in Los Angeles and Austin and gradually move San Francisco office staff to the San Mateo headquarters in California.

GoPro originally wanted to transform from a hardware company to a content platform, and now with the closure of the entertainment department, GoPro has returned to a hardware company. Regarding GoPro as a cloud platform, it has not been exposed to drones before, so more details of Lei (public number: Lei Feng) are still unknown. However, in the view of Lei Feng, GoPro is going to follow the footsteps of Dajiang. In October last year, Dajiang also launched its own handheld PTZ camera OSMO series. According to the experience of TechCrunch reporters, the OSMO of Dajiang is more stable in screen control, while the quality of Karma Grip is even more. Next, let's look at what kind of needs users are more inclined to. However, the current user base of PTZ cameras is not large, so it may not be easy for GoPro to achieve reversal.

3L Air Fryer

Product description:
304 stainless steel heating element
Automatic shut-off with ready alert
Removable and heat insulation handle for frying basket
Heat resistant material inside enclosure
Prevent slip feet
Intelligent chip control motor speed
With fan guard,more safety
Acrylic operation panel(more luxurious)
English manual, General Cookbook
Special Functions:
1.LCD display
2.Touch control
3.Child Lock(Avoid children touch control panel when the Air Fryer working.)
4.Shortcut menu(A key setting to cook)
1. Air fries food without any oil
2. BS plug,the price high 0.30USD/PC
3. 110-120V~ air fryer price high 1.00USD/PC
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