"Over the years, various government websites across the country have felt stronger, weaker and weaker." Zhang Zhongming, the head of the e-government office of Yiwu City, has been engaged in government website management for 16 years. He talked about the operation of the website.

A staff member of the General Office of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as “the State Office”), which is responsible for spot checks on government websites, also talked about similar issues: “Some grassroots government websites have insufficient human and financial resources, and some websites below the county level have a budget of less than 20,000 a year. Yuan, there is no special person to operate and maintain." In response to this situation, the State Council has made strict requirements recently: the county-level websites without human and financial security must resolutely shut down and move the functions of the website to the upper-level government websites.

After the first large-scale "full inspection" of government websites at all levels across the country, the State Council began a "quarterly physical examination" of the national government website from this year. This means that the “zombie” government website, which will continue to have more “sleeping”, will be “awakened up”; more grassroots government websites that are unable to operate are resolutely shut down; sites that have repeatedly experienced problems and have not been rectified for a long time Will also be criticized and interviewed for accountability...

The days when the government website is not seen, and you can't find it can be seen.

Yiwu government network is somewhat different: lead the use of artificial intelligence to understand spoken language

Among the more than 80,000 government portals across the country, the Yiwu government network is somewhat different.

At first glance, the Yiwu government network seems to have many commercial website features. Templates of various colors can be selected according to the season, and are available in English, Korean, and Arabic.

“As the world's largest distribution center for small commodities, there are more than 13,000 foreign businessmen in Yiwu. We have found that many foreign companies have the need to use websites.” Zhang Zhongming introduced, on August 7th as an example, as A county-level unit, Yiwu government website group has 2677 views from the US IP, 2230 times in Korea IP, 472 times in Russia, 248 times in Japan, in addition to the number of visitors from France, Brazil and other countries.

More conspicuous than the appearance of these sites is that at the top of the page, an intelligent robot is looking at the head to make a naughty shape. After clicking into the dialogue, enter any keywords, and all relevant content in the Yiwu government website group—regardless of policies, regulations or guidelines, questions and answers—will be listed one by one. This means that you don't have to find out which department the problem you want to query belongs to, but you only need to enter the keyword search.

"This is not a simple 'full-text search' function." The relevant person in charge of the Yiwu E-Government Office introduced to Nandu that some citizens may be colloquial or not a policy word when entering keywords. “For example, if someone searches for 'I want to have more than one child', the intelligent robot will automatically process it as 'second child', then query and display all the content related to 'second child'. This is what we often call natural language processing. (NLP) technology."

As a sub-area of ​​artificial intelligence, NLP technology has not been widely used in the commercial website field, but has been occupied by the Yiwu government network.

It is understood that Yiwu is the local government that applied this technology to the website earlier. "At the time, I saw the chatbot on foreign websites and some online intelligent customer service in China. I felt that this idea was good, and I wanted to do it myself." Zhang Zhongming quickly put this idea into practice, in addition to moving back to the concept of intelligent question and answer, According to your own needs, further voice query function development and docking with WeChat service number.

Although not a non-computer professional, Zhang Zhongming is reluctant to use the new ideas in various places and use it on the Yiwu government website. The Yiwu government network has successively owned multiple templates, multiple languages, and even “accessible browsing” functions for blind people to browse websites.

"I also thought about setting up our website's own editing team and having our own original content." Although the idea was finally made, all the photos on the Yiwu government website were originally taken by Zhang Zhongming's team.

The Office of the State Council requires: unable to run the website and resolutely shut down

Just as Zhang Zhongming thought about how to apply more new technologies and new ideas to the website, the operation and maintenance of other government websites seemed to be difficult.

According to the results of the second national survey conducted by the State Council in July this year, 112 out of 746 websites were found, including 110 local government websites and 2 departmental vertical management websites, 77.7%. The problem site is concentrated below the county level.

Among them, the “Zhangla County Protection Institute” network in Yunnan Province has not been updated for more than 6 years. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Horqin Right-wing Middle Banner “Keyouzhong Banner Statistics Information Network” and Heilongjiang “Bei’an Public Security Bureau” network have not been updated for more than 2 years; Fujian There is a large number of blank columns in the “Xiaoyang Town People's Government” network in Fu'an City; the “Xixiang County Land and Resources Bureau” network in Shaanxi Province has not responded to some of the consultation messages for more than half a year; the “Shouyang County Environmental Protection Bureau” network in Shanxi Province cannot be used in a large number of columns. access.

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