In the era of smart home, a good luminaire not only needs to be powerful, but also has a unique design.

This is a creative LED lamp called Lumio, from the designer Max Gunawan. At first glance, you think it is an ordinary book, but it is actually a very small and fresh LED light.

Folded design with a unique book

Xiao Bian really didn't bully you to read less. This is really a book light with a thickness of less than 3cm. The Lumio book light features a unique folding design with efficient integration technology that cleverly folds the lamp into a 22 x 18 x 3 cm book that can be turned on and closed to close. Such a small book light makes it easy for you to carry around in your bag.

The book cover is made of FSC-certified wood to protect the folded lampshade and bulb inside. In terms of lighting, Lumio is no worse than other lamps, supporting 500 lumens of illumination output, equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb.

Styling magnetic surface

The spine is flexible and firm, and the user can control the brightness of the light by adjusting the angle of the opening and closing, without any switch or button, and can extend up to 360°. At this point, Lumio is more like a beautiful hot wheel!

What's more, Lumio's book cover is embedded with an industrial-grade super neodymium magnet that can be attached to any metal surface to meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

From the kitchen to the study, indoors and outdoors, Lumio brings constant surprises to the users. It is both a lamp and a chandelier, and it is an outdoor light for camping. Imagine that it is very warm to have a bedtime story for a child through such a light.

In addition, Lumio also adopts a wireless design, without the limitation of the power cord, directly built a rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient for users to take anywhere. In the case of full power, Lumio can continue to provide 8 hours of lighting time.

Product details and specifications

Size: 8.5x 7x 1.25 inches (22 x 18 x 3 cm)

Weight: 1 pound (about 453g)

Cover material: FSC certified wood (walnut, cherry and maple)

Cover magnet: super strong neodymium magnet

Shade material: 100% recyclable waterproof Tyvek (high density polyethylene synthetic paper)

Light source / brightness: high output LED light / 500 lumens (lighter than 40W bulb)

Light temperature: 2700K

Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Endurance: 8 hours

Power: Universal USB Charger

Accessories (extended function): belt for suspension, USB charger

You can feel the heart of the book light? The Spring Festival is coming. Do you have any gifts for the New Year? There are not so many creative and practical gifts. The original Lumio book lights are tight. The official version of the mini is now available, making it easier to carry!

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