Tencent Digital (Compilation: Hamish) You can now stand up and look around the room. Does your home have a lot of button-controlled devices? As a simple and direct way of interaction, these buttons can turn the device on or off, play or pause music, send or receive messages. However, most devices (especially home appliances) lack network connectivity and remote control interfaces. Now everything has changed. Recently, a product named MicroBot Push appeared on crowdfunding platform indiegogo, which established a bridge between traditional buttons and mobile internet.

In fact, MicroBot Push is equivalent to a wirelessly controlled robotic finger that can imitate human fingers and press the device's button. The idea of ​​this product is very simple: it is fixed on the button, and then the user can use a smart phone or computer to control it. In addition, it also has a touch mode that allows the user to complete the button operation by simply clicking on it.

The entire system consists of the adapter Prota Box and MicroBot Push remote buttons. The Prota Box connection is connected to the wireless network in the user's home, and MicroBot Push is connected to the Prota Box via Bluetooth. A Prota Box can control multiple MicroBot Push remote buttons. When you wake up in the morning, you can use a mobile phone to start the coffee machine, so that you can immediately enjoy the fragrant coffee after washing.

The MicroBot Push remote button has four color combinations of gray, white, gold, and red. Gold and red are the exclusive colors for indiegogo supporters. The color of the adapter Prota Box is black and white. At present, this product has reached the goal of crowdfunding, and it should soon be officially met with everyone.

Source: indiegogo

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