LED external control guardrail tube number and pixel point

The LED guardrail tube has 6 segments, 8 segments, 16 segments, 32 segments or even higher. This segment represents a pixel. The higher the pixel is, the clearer and more detailed the image is. Generally, the 6 segments and 8 segments are mostly used for contour effects, and higher. With 16 segments and 32 segments, you can form a fence screen to play complex animated video effects.


LED external control guardrail tube and controller

The external control guardrail tube needs controller control, controller sub-contour controller, screen controller, online controller, DMX512 controller, etc. to achieve the effect with the controller!

The number of controllers that can be controlled is also limited, so the number of controllers is also calculated. For example, this controller has 8 ports, each port can control 1024 pixels, and the total control number is 8*1024 pixels. This is combined with the number of segments of the LED guardrail tube mentioned above, each segment representing a pixel. If 8 segments per meter, one port can control 1024/8 = 128 meters. It is recommended that customers do not exceed the limit of each port, try to reserve some space, the controller and the pipe are connected by a network cable, so that the signal can be transmitted in the past!

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