LED lamps extend their life is to reduce costs Lumeni cost is the core evaluation indicator of LED lighting development at this stage. As a result, most of the LED lighting companies have chosen a price war for competition, and after all the profit cards have been scrapped, even more, some companies have begun to look at the cost of parts and components and embarked on reducing the quality in exchange for low cost. Return road. Before the LED lighting industry ushered in the real spring, it fell into the quagmire of the Red Sea.

"The LED lighting industry is time to return to rationality. Then there will also be some mergers and consolidations of enterprises. At this time, relying on price wars and reducing quality is to dig for the grave, fight technology and fight for innovation to establish a long-term foothold." China Lighting Association Deputy director Chen Yansheng said.

As we all know, as the fourth generation of light sources, LED lighting technology in all aspects beyond the previous generation of lighting technology, which includes the long-life characteristics. In the process of chip production and packaging, the most cutting-edge technologies have been grasped by several large international companies. The space for technological innovation left by many downstream manufacturers is in the application of LEDs. In the application technology, the industry generally agrees that the cooling technology is the core, it determines the life of the LED lamps, while affecting the light efficiency. Therefore, LED lighting manufacturers from the Red Sea innovation initiatives, "life is king" is the only choice.

LED lamps extend their life is to reduce costs

Regardless of which industry, low-cost competition is one of the most effective strategies, LED lighting industry is no exception. However, at present, many domestic LED lighting companies have the "low price" as the only competitive strategy, but there is little investment in LED light source application technology, resulting in the current homogenization of LED lamps is serious, corporate profits are meager to sustain situation.

While all industry players are promoting LED "long-life" features, these companies have failed to provide a good platform for long-life applications technology. The LED fixtures of various companies have uneven life spans and they have not reached the ideal level. "long life".

Taking into account the "long life" factor of LED, the lumen cost as a criterion for evaluation is one-sided. For example, under the premise that the unit number of purchased lumens does not change, the lifetime of an ordinary LED lamp is 3 years, and the lifetime of another LED lamp with good application technology is 6 years. Said the same cost, but taking into account the life, the former is twice the cost of the latter. Obviously, the lumen cost is not enough to describe the real cost of the user, and extending the life of the LED lamp is to reduce the cost.

Lifetime is the highest expression of LED lamp quality

Quality Management Regular LED lighting manufacturers currently have serious homogenization of products (companies that do not pay attention to quality are not included in this list). The core components such as light sources and power supplies are the same or similar, and the quality is very close. The LED lighting manufacturers are hard to say. The advantage of distinguishing itself from competitors. With regard to this “utilization area” of applied technology, the vast majority of LED lamp manufacturers can only achieve the core competitiveness of innovation and development by only working hard to reflect the unique advantages of the product and stand out in the Red Sea competition.

Heat dissipation technology is the core of LED application technology and has always been the bottleneck of application of LED light sources. It restricts the life performance of LED lamps. That is, the value that heat dissipation technology brings to customers is whether it can achieve real long life. This is one of the main indicators of LED lamps that all users are concerned about. First, long life means a direct reduction in time-sharing costs; second, long life can bring more return on investment to customers, both of which are core values ​​that customers care about. Therefore, extending the life of LED lamps is an important requirement and purchase motivation for customers.

Under the premise of the same upstream technology platform, whether or not it can be achieved at the application technology level is the key to embody the quality of differentiated LED lamps. In many application technologies, heat dissipation technology is the core. From another perspective, for customers, life is the highest expression of the quality of LED lamps.

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