If you're a nightclub or a regular party, looking for an "equipment" that will give you more attention in these places, then the design product DropShades is sure to be your first choice.

DropShades looks like sunglasses and is suitable for all kinds of people. The biggest highlight of the product is the ability to “interact” with music. Designers have equipped the glasses with colorful LED lights and added some basic techniques.

The glasses are equipped with a microphone that is mainly used to "grab" music sounds. It also has a built-in signal processor that converts sound into light pulses. By combining these devices, the LED lights on the front of the glasses will change color with the sound of music.

Currently, designers are raising money for the glasses on the Kickstarter website. If the fundraising is successful, the appearance of this product will be improved accordingly. Once the product has the opportunity to go on the market, it will certainly catch the eye of many young fashion people.

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