In digital products, there is often a tipping point for cost-effectiveness from mid-end to high-end. For television, a 50-inch TV is an important tipping point. The price of a 55-inch TV will suddenly increase a lot, and the price/performance ratio will drop. For a TV under 50 inches, the viewing experience will drop significantly. Therefore, the 50-inch TV is very good in the viewing effect, and the price is very cost-effective. Users have needs, and manufacturers naturally follow suit. Today I recommend several mainstream 50-inch fine TVs for everyone.

Recommendation 1: Hisense LED50EC290N Price: 2899 yuan

Hisense LED50EC290N has a 50-inch screen and Full HD resolution, equipped with a six-core powerful hardware configuration, appearance is dignified and stable without losing vitality, the use of a pure gray ultra-narrow frame, the base is a V-type design, Make the whole look more and more tough. The product uses the Vision3.0 intelligent interface, the interface is clear and simple to operate, and has a very rich intelligence. Among them, the good-looking function has a legitimate free resource library and enjoys the video services provided by the licensees specifically for Hisense. The fun-packed function is equipped with an alliance platform for dynamic games, quick shots, and love games. It has a rich somatosensory and multi-screen interaction game, making the operation easier and content more interesting. The current reference price is 2899 yuan.

Recommended 2: Cool open 50K2 Price: 2399 yuan

K2 is CoolTV's latest release of smart TV series. The K2 series features the concept of "economics of life". It adopts a new 64-bit 4K class processor + 8G large memory configuration, and the hardware has greatly improved on the K1 series.

In appearance design, 50K2 adopts an integrated body design, which continues the cool and consistent design of high-brightness narrow edges. It uses a high-gloss steam mold for injection molding to ensure not only the strength but also the delicate and smooth surface. In the base design, Cool Open has been committed to the pursuit of the ultimate perfection, this time in the K2 series innovation has adopted a unique charm of rose gold decorative strips and rose gold base design, for calm and cool TV add a touch of Smart, more stylish sense. In terms of smart applications, the cool open system features rich functions, supports WeChat push operations, can use mobile phones to remotely control TV, send functions through the TV, and can also play millions of genuine HD movies, TV shows, variety shows, etc., updating more than 7,000 times a day. video. Through the Hollywood feature, it also meets the user's viewing requirements.

Today, this product is in the official website to carry out promotional activities, priced at 2399 yuan, 100 yuan back praised the call, the actual price is only 2299 yuan, is currently the most cost-effective 50-inch TV on the market.

Recommended 3: LG 49LF5400 Reference Price: 3099 yuan

The TV uses silver-gray and white colors, a sleek silver-grey front frame, a brilliant white back panel, and a coin-shaped pattern. In terms of picture quality, this TV uses LGD's high-quality IPS hard-screen panel and a triple XD engine to express more realistic color, clear and stable images, a wide viewing angle, and more detailed contrast and image effects. The resolution of 1080P Full HD is not as good as 4K, but it is even more advantageous when the source is scarce. The current reference price is 3099 yuan.

Recommended 4: TCL D50A710 Reference price: 2699 yuan

In appearance, TCL D50A710 uses the mainstream of the very narrow border design, pearl black plastic material with transparent glass plate material base. In terms of picture quality, this TV uses bright black image processing technology and natural light technology. This TV is equipped with a simple operating system with TV, video, recommendation, application, settings and search pages. In terms of online resources, TCL and iqiyi cooperated in depth to provide TV dramas, movies, animations, variety entertainment, documentaries and other comprehensive video resources, and daily updated more than 2,000 hours of genuine video programs. The current reference price is 2699 yuan.

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