MediaTek sold the investment to Jayfa last week, and after the profit of 10 billion yuan, the market spread, MediaTek actively card virtual reality (VR) market, develop similar to Samsung's Gear VR products, and recently intend to cut the VR business independently, the fastest Separated in June, it became another very rare "little" golden rooster.

VR has become a new show in the electronics industry. HTC, Samsung, Facebook and other big companies are actively rushing in. HTC has also reported the intention to split the VR business. The MediaTek speech window yesterday (18) denied that it plans to split the VR department, emphasizing that the department is still small in size, and the related products will be ready by the end of this year and early next year.

It is understood that MediaTek added a VR team under the new business development department specializing in the development of emerging applications at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, aiming at the development of application-side products. The locked products are biased toward Samsung's Gear VR. In short, it is Some of the main product mobile phone market, designed with a mobile phone VR device, the current product is still in the research and development stage. The market has spread, MediaTek's internal evaluation division VR team has become a subsidiary, is in the pre-operation stage, has the opportunity to set up a new company in June, to make it operate independently, and improve future operational flexibility. In addition to the development of system-side products by the VR team, MediaTek’s VR market is expected to support the VR, with the hope of producing 10 nanometer high-end mobile phone chips, the Helio X30, which is scheduled to be mass-produced at the end of this year and early next year. Add multiplier effect.

The industry believes that since MediaTek's acquisition of Morningstar, it has been forced by the NDRC to be operated as a subsidiary. It has achieved excellent results and has gradually become a model for MediaTek's follow-up mergers. For example, last year's mergers and acquisitions were operated as subsidiaries. Into the parent company.

Not only is Morningstar and Lichen, MediaTek has cut its business and has become an independent subsidiary after the company has broken the scale of its organization. This year, it has established server chip company, which is responsible for the patent licensing business. The industry believes that MediaTek operates in a division of labor between its parent and subsidiary companies. The definition of the tasks and profit indicators of the subsidiaries are clearer. In the future, whether it is the help of the parent company or the growth to a certain extent, it will be sold in accordance with the Jefa model. Better elasticity.

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