On May 24th and 25th, Shuaikang Electric's 2016 annual training executive meeting was successfully held in the video conference room of Shuaikang Group Headquarters. Wu Wengang, general manager of the group marketing company, Lu Huiqun, assistant to the general manager, Zhao Hongxia, director of the marketing center, and more than 100 people from the group leaders and training staff at the headquarters marketing department and the training directors from the seven regions of the country attended the meeting.

Wu Wengang, general manager of the marketing company, presented a wonderful opening speech, warmly welcomed the training supervisors from all over the country and expressed the ardent hope of the training supervisor. Then Zhao Hongxia, the director of the market center, gave a wonderful speech on “Quality and Sorrow, Innovative Future”. General Zhao said that 2016 will be an era when products are kings. Shuaikang will start from the aspects of intelligence, experience and design to make products that best meet the needs of consumers. Although this is a society that looks at the value, it is always an era of strength.

Afterwards, the participants entered the factory area under the leadership of the marketing department and the product department to conduct an orderly visit. During the visit, the training supervisors had a great interest in the various product parts on the production line. Many training supervisors combined the theory and practice they learned, and talked about their opinions. They continued to ask for training and product leaders while visiting. All kinds of related problems, and carefully recorded with the mobile phone, the enthusiasm for learning is very high.

In the following period, the training teachers of the marketing department Lu Bin, You Jing, the corporate culture department Han Xueqing, the product department Liu Yiyi and the regional training teachers Li Hong, Zhao Liheng gave the training supervisors relevant corporate culture and sales skills. Training for two new products, hoods, stoves, water heaters and steamed SQ6 and SK6. During the training process, the training supervisors took the initiative and spoke enthusiastically, and the atmosphere was very hot.

On the afternoon of the 25th, the training meeting was coming to an end. The training teacher of the marketing department conducted a test paper evaluation of the learning status of each training supervisor for two days. During the examination, everyone was enthusiastic and answered with confidence. After the exam, Lu Chunmei, the head of the marketing department, presented the award to the training director with excellent performance.

This training not only clarified the product knowledge and selling points of the new SK6 and SQ6. During the visit to the factory, the training supervisors deepened their understanding of the product details and each process, and also strengthened their mastery of terminal sales skills. I hope that after the end of this meeting, each of the training supervisors will be able to bring their knowledge and understanding to the terminal, learn from each other's strengths, and make progress in the future. In the future marketing campaign, they will highlight the bold and handsome style. (Market Department Han Xue)

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