Nearly 80% of pre-installed software computers are at high risk IDC's newly released "IDC Piracy Software Hazard Survey Report 2013" analyzed 270 websites and P2P networks, 108 download softwares and 155 CDs and DVDs worldwide, and interviewed 2077 people from Brazil, China, and Germany. Consumers and 258 IT managers and CIOs. The results of the IDC study show that the number of installed pirated software will exceed 2 billion in 2013, which is more than three times that of 2006. In order to find, fix, and resolve the impact of malware, consumers will spend 1.5 billion hours and a high price of 22 billion US dollars, and global companies will spend 114 billion US dollars to deal with the negative consequences of the network attacks caused by malware. influences.

Microsoft China's research and analysis also came to a similar conclusion. In a recent analysis of 46 computer samples from different brands but with pirated Windows installed, 33% of samples with pre-installed pirated software were infected with malware. 30% of firewalls have been tampered with or disabled, 65% of Windows malware protection has been disabled, and 93% of Windows updates have been disabled, leaving the computer in an undefended state, exposing users to major security issues such as backdoors, trojans, and botnets. Hidden danger. Nick PsyhogEOS, vice president of Microsoft's OEM business unit, said that Guangdong Province is one of the largest personal computer markets in China. This time in cooperation with Lenovo and Gome, Lenovo and Gome will ensure that Microsoft will install the computers they manufacture and sell. The software is authorized and consumers will be protected more effectively from the security risks caused by pirated software.

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