New York State High Speed ​​All Switch to LED Lighting Recently, the governor of New York announced that all New York State highways will use LED lighting, which is expected to save 20% of electricity costs. In addition, LED lighting upgrades will also improve the lighting environment and increase road safety.

LED is known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size, etc., can be widely used in a variety of instructions, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting and urban nightscapes and other fields. New York State Expressway currently spends $2 million annually on the lighting system's electricity bill. After the upgrade, it will save 20% of the electricity bill each year. The freeway management department installs LED lighting to receive a number of rewards and rebates, and the cost of installation can be reduced by about two years.

New York State also plans to switch all the squares, toll stations, and parking lots near the highway to LED lighting, and start solar and wind power projects in nearly 300 locations to power the highway.

This week is New York Earth Week, starting from the 22nd week of environmental protection activities. Local environmental protection societies, experts, and scholars went to the state legislature and urged them to pass the Earth Day Super Act as soon as possible to complete the development of clean energy such as solar energy, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and climate protection bills as soon as possible to deal with climate change and other issues.

What is Flexible PCB?

Flexible PCB`s are now being used in place of traditional FR4 in a large number of different applications,Benefits include solving interconnecting problems, reduction of weight, reduction of space and reduced assembly costs. Flexible applications can be dynamic flexing (designed for flexing or stress over a period of time at elevated temperatures) or flex & stay applications (designed for flexing once and being secured into place).

Quickly Turn flexible Service.
Not only do we offer flexible PCBs for fast production, we can also provide Flex PCB prototypes to see your custom designs before a big shipment is created. Royal Circuits flex and rigid-flex capabilities are designed to meet a variety of circuit board needs from single or double-sided circuitry to multilayer technology. We also offer different material substrates and adhesives, as well as surface finishes and treatments.  Stiffeners can also be added for reinforcement.

Full Product Lines of Flexible Circuits
Our product lines includes single sided flex circuits, dual access flexible PCB , double sided flexible circuit, multi-layer Flex circuits and rigid-flex circuits. We work shoulder by shoulder with our customers to achieve the quality, delivery, and cost objectives for their projects of Flex PCB ( FPCB). We are a flexible printed circuit source that can accommodate your customized program initiatives such as ship to stock.

Flex PCB

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