[Abstract] This disassembled map is not as professional as the iFixit team, but it can still clearly see the appearance of various components inside. Accuracy is quite high. It should not be fake or joke fake photos.

Tencent Digital News (Words) has less than two weeks. Nintendo’s next-generation game console, Switch, will formally meet with players and fans. For this console, we are absolutely full of expectations.

However, just before the official launch of the Nintendo March conference, it seems that some people have already destroyed the surprise that Nintendo prepared for us in advance. Although videos about Nintendo's early unpacking have been stopped, this did not stop Switch from being exposed.

The switch that was exposed this time is not a complete host, but some internal dismantling components and structure diagrams, and basically confirmed the exposure of the official Nintendo's next-generation Switch host.

Although this set of dismantling plans is not as professional as the iFixit team, it can still clearly see the appearance of the various components inside, and the accuracy is quite high. It should not be fake pictures of fake cottages or jokes.

Perhaps the goal of this dismantling is an early development prototype, but most of them are similar to the structure of Switch.

From the dismantling, we saw that the 4310mAh capacity battery with a large capacity inside the Switch almost occupied half of the internal space. Strangely enough, we can clearly see the suppliers of the battery components, and in general such phenomena are seen in retail models rather than prototype development.

Yes, the battery used in the Switch is from Amperex, and the Amperex aka ATL used in the explosive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exactly the same. Therefore, we should keep an eye on the heat issue of the Switch.

On the internal processor side, chips from NVIDIA are used, which we all already know.

Interestingly, we have seen the UDNX02-A2 code, and NVIDIA has confirmed that Switch will use the company's Tegra processor.

From the code point of view, it should be Tegra X2, and the code of the Tegra X1 before was UDNX02-A1, and the actual retail version will have to be determined.

Source: slashgear

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