Although Panasonic has gradually retreated to the second line in the consumer TV market, this does not prevent Panasonic from recently unveiling a new IPS screen display technology that will help Panasonic regain some "face" in the professional market.

Simply put, Panasonic's new technology is to allow ordinary LCD screens to have backlight control functions for OLED panels. According to Matsushita's introduction, this new backlight technology allows the LCD panel to also turn off the pixel's backlight, and also provides a high contrast ratio of over 1,000,000:1. This means that Panasonic has the same level of LCD panels as OLEDs at the black level, and continues the high brightness characteristics of LCD panels, so it has better results in HDR and color display.

Panasonic said that the new technology display is more suitable for professional applications, such as 31-inch panels can be used in X-ray image display. Before, Sony has begun to get involved in the field of professional medical displays, and more importantly, the high brightness of new technologies can make the screen stable at the maximum 1000cd/m2 level. In contrast, Samsung's KS8000 TV brightness is only 137cd/m2, and HDR mode is only 766cd/m2, so this level of brightness is absolutely impressive.

In the future, it will be uncertain whether Panasonic’s new LCD technology will be used in the consumer market. However, even if Panasonic introduces a television with this technology, it is definitely at the initial price “astronomical” level, for ordinary consumers. It is still not very close to the people.

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