We just found Chinese figure on the Pokemon Go server status page (below). The left one is a country or region that has been opened (such as Hong Kong). In the “other” column, we see that the status behind China is ( 69 hours) This 69 hours means that the server has been offline for 69 hours, which means that the national service has been completed.

We also found that in addition to China, servers in Israel, Malaysia, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, and South Korea have also been set up. There are still a few regions or countries that have not yet established servers, such as Thailand and Taiwan.

Pokemon Go is already logged in to Hong Kong. Shenzhen is not locked up because it is close to Hong Kong in some areas. You can catch elf, but most areas still have to wait patiently.

Although the national server has been established, we still need to wait for some time to wait for opening and opening the lock zone. It is reported that it takes 3 days from the completion of server construction to the opening of service in Japan, and it may take longer for China because China still needs to go through a rigorous review process.

If Pokemon Go lands in China, it is not hard to imagine that Chinese netizens will push the game to another new climax. Pokemon Go rushed in gold in less than a month. Total revenue has reached $160 million. Data analysis company App Annie believes that "Pokemon GO" is able to secure a steady $10 million every day. With the increase in the number of games entering the market, this number is still rising steadily. In the future, with the influx of Chinese users, Chinese players will contribute more money.

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