Linear Technology (Linear Technology) has launched a complete power management system IC-LTC3456. The device is optimized for portable applications powered by two alkaline / nickel cadmium / nickel metal hydride batteries, USB or wall adapters.

The LTC3456 can provide 150mA to a fixed 3.3V main output and 200mA to an adjustable (VBATT to 0.8V) core output to power microprocessors, microcontrollers, and its external device circuits. In addition, LTC3456 can provide a 3.3V / 50mA Hot Swap output for the flash memory card and VMAX to supply power to the real-time clock.

The LTC3456 has an on-chip voltage detector that monitors the voltage status of the wall Adapter and USB, and uses a unique control method to ensure a seamless transition between the input power of the battery, USB, and wall adapter. The integrated power sequencing ensures that the main output and hot swap output always appear after the core output. The main and core 1MHz switching regulators use synchronous rectification to provide over 90% efficiency. LTC3456 has a low battery indicator signal and a function to ensure that all outputs are discharged to ground when in shutdown mode.

The LTC3456 power management IC is available in 4 & TImes; 4 & TImes; 0.75mm 24-pin QFN package and is available from stock. Purchased in batches of 1,000 pieces, each piece starts at $ 3.95 (for reference only).

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