Unpacking is not easy - 12 degrees cold wind.

Reasons to purchase

One day suddenly wanted the earphones to make himself quiet, before knowing the BOSE QC20. However, they do not like headphones with cords, so there is a month-long selection of headphones.

First of all, watching the BOSE QC35 noise reduction is Niubi, I also like the silver appearance, and finally see the evaluation directly give up.

Then, after seeing the Dharma MDR-1000X, after careful study of Dafa black technology, the sound quality is higher than that of QC35, and the level of noise reduction seems to be a bit lower than QC35. Once there was a reply from the same city that there was more than 2,600 stocks in Vientiane City. On the second day, I went to see 2888 without being discounted (strangely). On the third day, I went to Vientiane Huidian, there was no black and only gray beige, and the price was over 2,600 yuan. In the end, people still did not start. Just waiting for black.

Finally saw the comparison of H8 evaluation and QC35 1000X before B&O H9. B&O was rated as a flashy product. The luxury of headphones, there is no high cost-effective only high prices. It was because of the appearance that it chose noble B&O. What noise reduction music does not have important value

Have seen someone else's evaluation

Noise reduction: QC35>1000X>B&O H9

Sound quality: 1000X> B&O H9> QC35 I'm not sure that H9 really can't hear anything. (I am a fungus in fungus)

Appearance Gallery

Snow blue feels great.

At first glance, the true color of the H8 does not look good. The color is lighter and the depth is better.

B&O LOGO can often be seen as stickers?

Not for anything else is a weapon

The family portrait I can only say is simply miserable, how to say that QC35 1000X are sent headset package, B&O expensive so much on a velvet bag. Said to have B&W.

Noble LOGO

experience feelings

Just arrived today, just say it under headphones.

Headphones are very easy to carry, especially if the head is too big, it doesn't feel that the headphone is heavy.

Linking the headset Bluetooth in the mall is really strenuous and may have signal interference.

The headphone operation part is simply tasteless, and the volume is reduced in the drawing circle (what if I am a brother?) Up and down is the switch noise reduction. The double touch turned out to be a call (a few mistakes in dialing the phone). There is no comfortable and convenient Dafa home for the whole operation.

Mobile APP

PC client does not have H9

to sum up

Don't look at me saying that Dafa 1000X is a good and good one. How can we not buy the landlord?

I want to say that I have pre-ordered but I haven’t got any. The payment was made at the end of December.

B&O H9 It sounds like I'm bored and it doesn't sound very bright.

The use of lines can be a lot.

What kind of sound quality I really do not understand. You can hear a low-noise sound when noise reduction is turned on, but it must be at home quiet. I feel that the right ear can hear more noise.


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