1. First of all, you need to download the ROM version 2.07.06 as follows, without decompression, directly into your U disk level directory. Please note: Please ensure that your U disk's free space is above 1G, and U disk must be fat32 format;
2.07.06ROM download Please note: The file name must be changed to update
2. In the case of booting, insert the USB flash drive into the box and pop up the page automatically. Click on "System Upgrade".

3, the page will automatically pop up, click "OK";

4. During system upgrade, please do not power off or restart.

After the upgrade is successful, the box will automatically restart and the latest version will be available after the restart!

If there is a problem with the upgrade, please add the official butler QQ 293528233, there will be customer service for you to answer!
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Version number: 2.07.06
Version update information:
1. Integrate new media center. New interface interaction, waiting for your experience;
2, integrated network diagnostics. There is a problem with the network. Try to have a surprise.
3, integrated log reporting function. Solve problems more efficiently;
4, integrated new version of the application store, more exciting applications to download;
5, update some wallpapers, a new look on the desktop;
6, modify the boot video volume is too large;
7, optimize the screen application, support iOS10 friends;
8, optimize the WIFI network connection, repair probabilistic disconnection problems;
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MC PCB--Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards

MC PCB means metal core printed circuit boards. why use metal,not FR4/CEM-1 or others? All is to get high thermal conductivity. The most MC PCB is Aluminum PCB, Aluminum has good heat transfer and dissipation ability, but also cheaper than copper based PCB.Many customers asked a quote for MC PCB but without the thermal requirements.If you know the thermal conductivity is the most most important thing for MC PCB,then

you will know why the price is so difference. Normal thermal is from 0.8-2.00 W/m.k,and higher can up to 8.0 W/m.k,even more if you need ,but ,are you sure ? When we quote to you ,we have to ask you the thermal conductivity,it is not only about cost but your product.Many factories used low thermal ,can you use the boards?

MC PCB uses in LED lights,Industrial power equipment,Cars,Power,etc. Bergquist is the top quality metal core material but top cost as well.

Thermal Conductive Board (TCB), or Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS), provides the advantages of high thermal conductivity, reliability and solder heat endurance. The TCB substrate is a sandwich structure, which includes layers of conductor, insulator and metal base.Traditionally, this insulator is made of epoxy, epoxy filled glass fiber, polyimide, or other dielectric materials. However, these kinds of insulators could not meet the requirement in high-power electronic devices. The heat generated by these devices will accumulate, and
the life time and reliability of the end product will decrease.
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