[ROHM Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. January 12, Shanghai News]

LAPIS Semiconductor, a globally renowned semiconductor manufacturer under the ROHM Group, has developed a 16-bit low-power microcontroller "ML620Q416/418" with an LCD driver that is ideal for sensing watches and wearable devices. A new lineup of 16bit low-power microcontrollers that are more power efficient and more processing power.

The ML620Q416/418 series of 16-bit low-power microcontrollers feature a clock (real-time clock) and are equipped with an LCD driver that delivers a higher resolution than the previous 2048 dot matrix (33% more than before) LCD display and Power circuit for LCD driver. Not only that, but also the sensor processing capabilities such as the offset correction calculation of the gyro sensor and the geomagnetic sensor are enhanced.

Taking advantage of these advantages, using this LSI and LCD display and various sensors, not only can today's wearable devices such as pedometers and activity trackers display charts and colorful icons, but also combine with sensor functions. Implement more advanced applications such as walking navigation. Moreover, since it also has a clock function, the convenience of the watch can be utilized to make the display design suitable for conditions such as health state management and state detection wider, and a new wearable device called a "sensing watch" can be realized.

The LSI has begun to sell samples and is scheduled to begin mass production in January 2016. The production base is Lanshishi Semiconductor Miyagi (Miyagi Prefecture).

In the future, LPT will continue to develop low-power microcontrollers that contribute to further power savings in a variety of environments, contributing to the development of low-power consumption in society.


With the increasing popularity of wearable devices, there is an increasing demand for transmitting vital signs such as human actions and health status to cloud servers via short-range wireless communication. Among them, in order to sense the data of 24 hours a day, it is required to have a long battery life and no maintenance on an annual basis. It also requires a size that can be carried around, can instantly discriminate the display content, and can be displayed in a colorful and beautiful manner.

As an application that satisfies these requirements, there is an increasing demand for sensing watches with sensing functions and rich display functions.

<New Product Features>

1. The LCD display volume is increased by 33% (compared to our previous products), and the charts of information and activity are displayed more clearly.

This LSI has an LCD driver that can drive a maximum of 2048 dot matrix (64 segment x 32 common) display, and the display amount is also increased by 33% compared with the previous products of the company. Therefore, it is possible to display the measured number of steps, the graph of the activity amount information, and the mail information display received by the smartphone with higher definition on the watch screen.

2. More processing power and lower power consumption

Compared with the conventional watch microcontroller (8bit/4MHz), the processing capability is improved by more than 4 times (16bit/16MHz). Thereby, offset correction algorithm processing such as a gyro sensor and a geomagnetic sensor can be realized, and a more advanced application such as walking navigation can be supported.

In addition, the increase in the ROM capacity for processing the sensing function and the communication function, and the driving circuit for the LCD display panel, increase the leakage current and affect the battery life. This LSI reduces the leakage current during non-operation by a DC/DC converter that halve the operating voltage, achieving the same power consumption as a conventional low-power microcontroller (0.38 μA in HALT mode).

3. Reduce software/hardware development hours for sensing watches

The company will gradually provide a reference design kit from February 2016 to reduce the development time of the sensor watch. In addition to this product, the reference design kit is equipped with an LCD display, BLE communication module, GPS module, acceleration/geomagnetic/temperature and humidity sensor, and can be developed immediately using various application software.

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