Samsung really made us speechless. I thought that Samsung TV would return to the embrace of oled TV. However, Samsung's TV Division has said that OLED TVs have no future. At least at this stage, OLED TV production will not be considered.

According to South Korean media reports, Kim Sung-shih, the head of Samsung’s TV division, announced last week that Samsung TV will not produce OLED-backlit TVs, at least for the next two or three years. When this news comes out, it means that Samsung will set aside a mass production plan for production of OLED TVs, and the center of gravity of its TVs will not change. In contrast, its biggest competitor in South Korea, LG, has already won a lot of supporters, including TV makers in China and Japan.

However, LG's solution is to use white light OLED as a backlight, and then covered with a color filter to obtain RGB three colors. Although the cost is low, it cannot be compared with the real RGB OLED in color. The reason why Samsung temporarily put aside the mass production plan of OLED TV is that it sticks to the RGB OLED solution and does not plan to compete with LG in the form of white OLED+CF. However, the implementation of the RGB OLED solution is too difficult, and there is currently no possibility of large-scale production.

This is also a means to differentiate the competition. If Samsung turns to support white light OLED+CF, then it will bring more opportunities to LG, which is obviously not beneficial to Samsung's interests.

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