Recently, we have evaluated Skyworth HDR TV 65G8210. In more than one week's experience, we were not only shocked by this LG 4 color 4K screen, but also attracted by its easy-to-use system operation experience. Today we come Look at what Skyworth has to offer with the Cool Open System 5.0 version.

System interface and operating experience

The default homepage interface is designed for simple, square cards. The function of each card has a corresponding label description, which is very simple and intuitive. The film and television center is located in the most intuitive position of the entire interface, and middle-aged and elderly people can also easily watch TV dramas.

In addition to the centerpieces of televisions, applications, and games in smart TVs, there are more distinctive education centers, tourism centers, music centers, brands, etc., which use the left and right buttons to move.

In addition to the Cool Open System 5.0 with its own desktop, the aircraft is also pre-installed with a TV school desktop. Compared to the intuitive cool open desktop, the TV school desktop is more inclined to highlight the impact of the wallpaper, the default wallpaper is quite happy.

TV desktop customization is more powerful, users can customize their own application according to their preferences.

If you want to watch TV programs or other input, you can use the signal switch on the remote control. The system has very intuitive tips.

After other external input sources are connected, a green prompt symbol will appear on the corresponding icon, and the priority of this signal source will be raised to the first place. Switching the input source is very convenient.

As a smart TV, we may use a variety of different video applications to play video. When we need to switch between them, multitasking systems come in handy. Cool open system as long as double-click the home button will pop up multi-tasking switching interface, with the left and right keys can be switched, switching smoothly and quickly.

Cool open system 5.0 does a good job in terms of running speed, and it has no delays. Whether it is the start-up speed of the program, the running speed, or the switching of different applications, it will go smoothly. This fast response speed thanks to the lightweight design of Cool Open System 5.0, no complicated, simple and efficient design style plus cool optimization, together constitute the high-speed responsiveness of Skyworth TV.

Resources and application experience

As a smart TV, its core competitiveness is of course video resources and applications. Although SARFT has gradually increased the supervision of smart TVs and TV boxes, the core competitiveness of smart TVs is being weakened. Because of this, one If smart TV can provide a powerful genuine video library, it will stand out from the competition.


In Skyworth TV's Geek Max Video Center, we can see that resources are roughly divided into several categories. The first is system recommendation. There are currently more popular video resources, such as the recent Star Wars series that broke records. On the right, there are classified channels and hits. Users can search for their favorite movies or TVs according to their preferences.

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There is no shortage of hot episodes like The Half-Month Biography and Marshal Marshall in the movie and TV library. The updates are timely and will be displayed prominently in the film and television center.

You can also find resources such as "Famous Ball" and "Naruto". It must be said that the search speed of Coolopen System 5.0 is very fast. Almost immediately after the input is completed, the search results that we need are popped up. The response is quick and accurate. The cool search system 5.0's excellent search mechanism allows users to no longer wait for loading results. Although it is only about 10 seconds shorter, the user experience is really huge.

The Film and Television Center has also added history and collection features, allowing users to quickly open episodes without having to re-select search and selection. Skyworth TV's rich video resources have benefited from cooperation with Tencent Video and iQIYI, providing it with a powerful genuine resource library and technical support to ensure that Skyworth can get rapid video updates in the first place.


In addition to video resources, the aircraft also has a built-in Geek·Pod Music Center. We can watch MVs, listen to songs, and sing karaoke at music centers. The music resource also cooperates with Tencent, and the QQ music with the most abundant genuine music is built in, and there is no need to worry about music library problems.

The music interface will recommend some albums or MV collections, such as Jay Chou's classic MV collection.

The built-in song list recommendation can be used for reference when you don't know what music to listen to.


As a smart TV, of course, it will occasionally be used to play small games, although the performance is not comparable to the host platform, but the rich or lack of game resources has become a reference standard for a smart TV.

Cool open system has a cool tour game center, there are a wealth of small games for users to download, game resources are still relatively abundant.

Humanized games are divided into table games, leisure puzzles, parkour racing, action shooting and so on.

The game experience is still good, not only can play casual games such as cutting fruit, but also can play large-scale somatosensory games such as King of Fire and future heroes. Users who like games do not need to worry about game fluency.

Other functions

1) Education Center

Coolopen System 5.0 has an innovative built-in education center, in which a variety of educational learning applications and nursery rhymes and lecture halls are built-in. If children are at home, they can easily assist in education.

Many icons of the education center are clicked to connect to the download of the app store, if the user needs to download it. There are no built-in applications that are preloaded too much to help users save on body storage.

The built-in living encyclopedia is very practical. You can search for suitable practical teaching for all ages in the encyclopedia. It covers children's educational parks and middle-aged and elderly health care. The categories are relatively complete, but many of them are paid for viewing. However, the fees are very low and there are many free programs.

The enrollment of life encyclopedia has greatly enhanced the use of television. We can easily view various video teachings on television. This can be done without the use of a browser. Most of the programs are detailed and practical.

2) Cool open Mall

Yes, you are not mistaken, Skyworth is also a pioneer in the "TV shopping" road, of course, this is not the traditional TV shopping, but through the built-in application of modern shopping e-commerce.

There are multiple categories built into it, and the remote control can be used to complete the shopping. Most of the categories are related to home and kitchen supplies. Being on a lazy couch and browsing the supplies needed in your own home is another kind of comfort.

One of the more distinctive features is the Global Shopping Mall. Its shopping model is very much like traditional TV shopping. Using intuitive video-based TV shopping, you can order the goods you need by dialing 400 calls. The experience is similar to traditional TV shopping.

Different from traditional TV shopping, we are free to switch channels, view different shopping channels according to our needs, and can exit Global Shopping at any time. We are no longer subject to the broadcast time of TV stations, and the freedom is much higher.

3) Tourist Center

Although the launch icon is marked with a large "Ctrip", but do not think this is just a simple peddling ticket, train ticket application, which in addition to booking a hotel, but also built a large number of travel Raiders and travel.

There are a lot of high quality pictures in the travel notes that are very intoxicating. You can also like or interact with other user reviews. After binding with the mobile phone app, you can also instantly share your travels and send them to other users with one click. This allows you to quickly share your travels with your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful scenery together.

After watching the beauty maps beauty, of course, to go further, you can directly select the routing location on the TV, and customize the corresponding travel route, very simple and convenient, you can do a lot of convenient functions on TV.

The travel route customization function is more intimate and can be customized according to their own needs.

You can also choose your favorite travel route directly in the tourist center to make a purchase. You can choose a travel plan without leaving the house.

4) Cool open application circle

As a smart TV, the quality of the application store determines its scalability. We can greatly expand the functionality of smart TVs by installing third-party applications. We have included a large number of applications in our cool application circle, and have used us to classify them. The most needed applications are divided into several categories, such as video, games, software, and management. We can also select the applications that we need by looking at popular charts or searches. The collection of television applications is relatively complete.

Special feature

1) Voice operation

The machine has built-in voice search function, there is a "voice" button on the remote control, press the words to complete the open application, search for video and other functions.

The voice recognition technology is provided by Xunfei voice, which can recognize voice very quickly. The speed is faster than our expectation. It is more rapid and agile than the voice assistant of many smartphones, and the accuracy is high. No matter what content we want to search, Basic can be a success, with the Kuai Kai system 5.0 this very quickly and smooth search mechanism, the use of experience is very pleasant surprise. Moreover, X-Fly can not only use Putonghua, but also use Cantonese and English, and its practicality is still quite high.

In addition to searching for videos, you can also search for weather, open applications, search information, and even shut down (need to click OK). It is also convenient to check weather before you go out.

2) Mobile Control & Video Push

The cool open system has a built-in TV application. The video viewed on the mobile phone can be played directly on the TV by clicking “Push this video”. It is very convenient and the player can also view the playback progress.

In addition to the television application, we can also bind TV to send WeChat. WeChat can also query TV programs and push them to TV. It is also very simple and convenient.

In addition to video push, it is also possible to use a TV station or X-Fab TV station as a remote control, which can be used instead of the remote control to achieve all functions.

to sum up

Skyworth TV's Cool Open System 5.0 design concept is very simple, and easy to use is very good, and built a variety of more practical applications, not only can watch TV watching video, you can also play games, TV shopping, travel guides, check the weather And so on, there is no lack of practicality in simplicity. The recognition capability of the built-in news fly voice assistant is very good, and the response is quick and accurate, which greatly increases the ease of use of the system. On the whole, Coolopen System 5.0 responds quickly, and various functions and applications are relatively simple and clear. It is a rare and outstanding smart TV operating system.

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