Small workshop home appliances 8 share in the rural market More than 200 bucks of electric baking pans bought from rural areas were broken when they were not used at all. Repairs were found to be counterfeit goods, and “Galanz” was written as “Galamz”. Home appliances to the countryside, trade-in, new energy-efficient appliances subsidies, in recent years, the country has been subsidized in the field of home appliances, so that more farmers can spend less on home appliances. However, recently, the investigation of suburban home appliance supermarkets found that the phenomenon of poor quality small workshops posing as a household appliance proliferation of branded appliances, a person operating the appliance supermarket for many years is broke the news that the current "small workshops" household appliances to account for 80% of the rural market share.


The first time the cottage was used, Galanz was broken. “We bought a new small appliance for marriage. There was a Galanz electric baking pan. It was broken when it was no use. When it was repaired, it was found to be counterfeit.” Recently, in Qingdao Ms. Zhu suffered an annoyance at work. She told reporters that when she married Weifang’s rural home last year, she gave her a dowry for her home appliances, from household appliances such as refrigerators to kettles and electric baking pans. The home appliances are all complete, "Marriage is a lifetime event, my mother bought according to brand-name appliances when buying."

Among them, there is an electric baking pan that reads "Galanz." Who knows that the first use after getting Qingdao is broken. "After charging, it was not hot on one side, but it was initially thought that it was broken on the way from my hometown." Ms. Zhu said that Galanz’s after-sales service point was found. People's maintenance personnel immediately saw the problem and said that it was bad. The electric baking pan that was dropped is fake, so it cannot be repaired. Even if it is given money, it cannot be repaired.

How can it be counterfeit when it is bought toward the "Glanz" brand? Ms. Zhu asks maintenance personnel. This question also caused a good "education" for maintenance personnel. “It was too fake for you to read this time. The Chinese character reads 'Glanz'. The English spelling is wrong, and there is no manufacturer’s name, address, or telephone number in the above sign. Product's.” After being reminded by maintenance staff, Ms. Chu found that the name of Galanz should be “Galanz”, and the name bought by her own company had become “Galamz”.

This fake and shoddy small household appliances is too pitiful, in the face of Ms. Zhu's complaints, maintenance personnel are quite calm, he asked one thing, "You buy it from the rural areas? A lot of this is to bully the people do not understand."

Subsidy for home appliances to the countryside, subsidies for home appliance replacement, subsidies for energy-efficient appliances, in recent years, the country has implemented several major preferential policies in the field of home appliances, to promote home appliances into the rural market. As more and more home appliance manufacturers enter the rural market, the purchasing power of farmers is getting stronger. Is it true that unscrupulous businessmen have divided the market by means of counterfeiting and other means to undermine the interests of farmers?

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