Synaptics, the world's leading developer of human-machine interface solutions, today announced plans to offer samples of its new 6x6mm Natural IDTM FS4500 fingerprint sensor solution. The solution provides secure biometrics through glass or ceramic buttons (up to 300 microns in thickness). As smartphones increasingly use durable glass buttons, Synaptics will meet the diverse needs of OEMs with industry-leading security features in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials that support different surface materials.

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Thanks to some new features, Synaptics' FS4500 sensor will be easier to integrate into mobile devices. These features include:

· Single voltage power supply;

· Enhanced navigation based on Synaptics' industry-leading touchscreen technology;

· Ability to control two “virtual buttons” via a fingerprint sensor;

· Additional system level security features through ultra-fast secure TLS communication;

· USB interface for easy PC integration.

Anthony Gioeli, vice president of marketing for biometrics products at Synaptics, said: "As the industry's leading provider of fingerprint sensors, Synaptics' Natural IDTM fingerprint sensor shipments are close to 300 million. Our new FS4500 solution is available through glass. The fingerprint sensing of capacitive touch proves our innovative strength in human-machine interface. We are very happy to see that this new technology has attracted wide attention and interest, and is also excited to continue to utilize the core technologies that the company is integrating to continue. Advance our innovation and focus on integrating fingerprint recognition under the thicker glass cover and under the screen."

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