In the early years, for the public, laser radar is just a strange and fresh term. With the heat of the unmanned car industry, this concept has gradually entered people's field of vision. Today, let's talk about the core components inside the laser radar.

Non-solid-state laser radar, as its name suggests, means that it is not fixed at work, and its built-in ranging device will continuously rotate for 360° omnidirectional scanning. In operation, the rotating distance measuring device requires power and transmits data information, but if the wire is directly connected, the wire will be entangled and will not work properly. Therefore, almost all non-solid-state laser radar manufacturers on the market currently choose an electric rotary connector, commonly known as a "slip ring" device to transmit energy and data information.

So what is a slip ring? It is installed in the center of rotation of the equipment, mainly composed of two parts of the rotor and the stator. The essence is that there are a number of brushes inside, so that the stator and the rotor can maintain energy and information communication.

As shown in the figure, there are a number of conductive rings on the rotor, and the stator contains a brush. During the rotation of the rotor, the brush is always in contact with the conductive ring to ensure electrical conduction between the rotor and the stator.

The traditional material of the brush is a metal or carbon material brush, which is easy to wear under long-term friction and causes poor contact, so that the rotating body can not normally supply power or transmit information, which will greatly affect the service life of the laser radar. Conventional conductive slip rings have a lifespan of thousands of hours while working continuously.

When SiGe Technology introduced the first generation of laser radar in 2014, it also encountered the problem of the life of the conductive slip ring. They improved the slip ring and ensured the life under standard conditions.

After two years of research and development and improvement, the Radar RPLDIAR A2, which was launched by Sisui Technology, completely abandoned the mechanical device of the conductive slip ring and adopted a new optical and magnetic fusion technology. This non-physical contact wireless power supply and wireless data transmission technology completely solves the problem of electrical connection failure due to physical contact mechanical wear and short life of laser radar. The RPLIDAR A2 has a designed service life of more than 5 years under continuous operation.

In addition, RPLIDAR A2's optical communication system is the first to use green and infrared dual-spectral full-duplex mode for signal transmission, to ensure the normal operation of RPLDIAR A2 in 4K HD mode.

In addition to a significant improvement in appearance, the performance parameters of the RPLIDAR A2 have also been greatly improved. The sampling frequency has been increased from 5 Hz to 10 Hz, which is the fastest scanning frequency of low-cost radars in the industry, and the number of sampling times has increased from 2,000 to 4,000 per second.

In practical applications, service robots can obtain more dense sampling points, achieve rapid response to obstacles, and carry out more rapid and timely autonomous obstacle avoidance. In other applications of laser radar, such as the use of laser radar for environmental exploration, map construction, you can get more detailed images; in multimedia applications, multi-touch on large screens will be faster and more accurate.

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