Electronic enthusiasts: As China's power grid is implementing smart grids through rapid and basic upgrades, the key to conversion is the large-scale deployment of smart meters in residential and commercial buildings. According to data from Pike Research Consulting, the number of smart meter installations in China is expected to increase from 139 million units in 2012 to 377 million units in 2020. In the process of upgrading the transmission system, China's smart grid will continue to grow, and the cumulative total will exceed 72 billion US dollars by 2020.

Faced with this huge market opportunity, Silicon Labs, which has always focused on smart energy, is the first to lay out China's smart grid and took the lead in launching the latest products tailored specifically for wireless solutions in the Chinese smart meter market ——Si4438 EZRadioPRO transceiver. As an important component of the smart grid, and in order to meet the stringent market application requirements in China, Silicon Labs has developed a smart meter design program specifically designed for the Chinese market that is more landmark.

Liu Xianli, General Manager of Silicon Labs China
Liu Xianli, General Manager of Silicon Labs China

Fully meets China's smart meter standards and safety standards tailored for China

Dr. Wenhui Xie, Senior Regional Marketing Manager of Wireless Embedded Systems Division in Silicon Labs Asia Pacific, said that the Si4438 transceiver designed by Silicon Labs can meet the performance, system cost and regulations requirements of the Chinese 470-510MHz band smart meter market. Using highly efficient on-chip power amplifiers (PA), the Si4438 IC is intelligent by providing best-in-class output power (+ 20dBm), sensitivity (-124dBm), link budget (114dB), and adjacent channel rejection (58dB). Electric meters extend the transmission distance and provide a reliable communication link. At the same time, the built-in diversity antenna and frequency hopping support can further extend the transmission distance and enhance wireless performance. Because the diversity antenna is tightly integrated into the Si4438 transceiver, the system link budget can be increased by 8-10dB, and the transmission distance can be effectively extended even under harsh environmental conditions. The Si4438 transceiver has a wider frequency band design, so it is also an ideal sub-GHz wireless solution for indoor energy management systems and other smart grid infrastructure applications, such as long-distance backhaul communications to service company applications.

Si4438 transceiver perfectly fits the Chinese smart meter market
Si4438 transceiver perfectly fits the Chinese smart meter market

"Silicon Labs' latest Si4438 transceiver is specially tailored for the wireless solutions in China's smart meter market and fully complies with China's smart meter standards and safety standards," said Liu Xianli, General Manager of Silicon Labs China.

Si4438 leads the meter and communication design smart meter battle soars

In many smart meter design applications, the design requirements of the smart meter system are very high. To obtain market recognition, it is necessary to have excellent extension distance, wireless communication sensitivity, and efficient processing capabilities. What technical advantages does Silicon Labs rely on to seize the big market in China? Liu Xianli said that Si4438 is a transceiver chip with a few manufacturers in the industry that can achieve a transmit power of + 20dBm. At the same time, Si4438 also has excellent connection load and sensitivity, high data throughput up to 500kbps, advanced packet processing capabilities and flexible configuration options.

In fact, Silicon Labs has always been committed to strengthening its presence in the Chinese smart meter market. Silicon Labs through mergers and acquisitions companies, or with many companies to provide more competitive smart meter wireless solutions products. Silicon Labs acquired the industry-leading 2.4GHz ZigBee solution provider Ember in July 2012. This strategic acquisition completes Silicon Labs' mixed-signal MCU and wireless solutions, while providing Silicon Labs with a new way to expand its wireless business in the Chinese market. As the Ember ZigBee solution is added to Silicon Labs' wireless product portfolio, they have enhanced their ability to deal with a variety of different loT (Internet of Things) applications, and the smart meter solution in this article belongs to this type of application. Undoubtedly, this strategic move will play an important role for Silicon Labs in the siege of the Chinese smart meter market in the future. Strong strategic blessings will also make Si4438 IC have more excellent wireless connection communication performance.

Silicon Labs provides a wide range of mixed-signal IC products for smart meters and other smart energy applications. The newly launched Si4438 EZRadioPRO transceiver is used for metering and communication subsystems.
Silicon Labs provides a wide range of mixed-signal IC products for smart meters and other smart energy applications. The newly launched Si4438 EZRadioPRO transceiver is used for metering and communication subsystems.

Diwakar Vishakhadatta, vice president of Silicon Labs and general manager of the embedded systems business, said: "Smart meters and other smart grid applications require mature, cost-effective and easy-to-deploy wireless technology. China's rapidly growing smart meter market will benefit from superior performance , Ultra-low sleep current and minimum BOM cost wireless connectivity solution. Silicon Labs' new Si4438 IC is an ideal sub-GHz transceiver to meet the challenges of smart grid applications in China. "

Si4438 is leading the design of smart meters in China

According to the market research company IHS report: by the end of 2016, the global smart meter installation will double. IHS said that as of the end of 2011, of the 1.43 billion meters installed worldwide, those with "smart" communication capabilities accounted for less than 18%. And these meters include not only the old one-way advanced meter reading system (AMR), but also meters with general packet radio service (GPRS) functions, as well as residential smart meters that can provide two-way communication. With the commissioning of European advanced electricity meter projects, global advanced electricity meter shipments will surge in 2015. The growth of the global smart meter market depends on developing economies, so China is the most important market for smart meters. As Silicon Labs develops a highly targeted and high-performance Chinese product such as Si4438 IC, its strategic advantages in the Chinese market will surely further increase in the future Chinese smart meter market and will therefore be continuously amplified.

——Mo Yanfen, Executive Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Fever Network

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