The "Netease Entrepreneurship Club Anniversary Celebration" hosted by NetEase Technology was held in Beijing. At the conference, Haier Saifu executive director Jiang Chihua, Le Xiang technology CEO Chen Chaoyang, uSens Ling sense China R & D center head Ma Yuyu, and Leke VCREO He Wenyi started a series of dialogues around the "VR era coming to China".

VR is already on the eve of the outbreak

Jiang Chihua introduced that Haier Saifu has seen dozens of VR companies in the past year and finally invested in two. He believes that VR is mainly to provide customers with a stun-free and immersive experience. At present, the core technology of the VR field has matured, and it can basically provide users with an immersive experience without dizziness.

Jiang Chihua said that in order to provide this experience, there are probably four or five core technologies. The first is the screen display technology, single-eye 1K resolution, 90 Hz refresh rate; the second is the field of view angle of 100 degrees or more; the third is the delay of less than 20 milliseconds. At present, these three technologies have a relatively large maturity. The fourth is the technology of sensors, mainly to help people to supplement the differences between virtual and reality. In 2015, several leading companies in the field of virtual reality, namely Oculus, Sony and HTC, launched DEMO, which has several mature solutions for technology, and will release consumer products in 2016.

Secondly, Jiang Chihua believes that the overall industry chain of the VR industry is also becoming more complete. The sense of participation and activity of the upstream and downstream of the industry chain is increasing. Chip manufacturers, game manufacturers, screen manufacturers and content vendors are constantly joining, making VR away. The explosion is getting closer.

At the recent 2016 CES show in the United States, Lexiang Technology participated in the exhibition. Its CEO Chen Chaoyang experienced various VR products. He believed that the VR products themselves have matured and there have been very good VR works. After the experience, there is a strong experience. Stickiness.

Leke VCREO He Wenyi said that VR has reached the consumer level in technology. Through some good games and interactive experiences in Oculus, virtual reality brings a new feeling.

Will 2016 be the first year of VR outbreak?

Jiang Chihua believes that although the technology and ecological chain tend to mature, there are still many problems to be faced with VR technology, such as limited production, limited demand and high cost. The cost of a better VR experience is about $2,000. The popularity of consumer products is actually a barrier. The content manufacturers are still watching the VR content, there is not a large number of film sources, the overall industry chain is still moving forward in the process of continuous running, so the time of the explosion remains to be verified. Jiang Chihua said that the market size of the VR industry in 2020 may be between 1000 and 150 billion, but he is cautious when the time of the outbreak is.

However, in Chen Chaoyang and He Wenyi's view, the current consumer products introduced by international manufacturers in the VR field can basically meet the needs of the masses, and the products have matured, so 2016 will be the first year of VR outbreak.

What should the international big companies enter?

Chen Chaoyang said that for Chinese manufacturers, the entry of products from international companies into China is a challenge and an opportunity. First of all, in terms of products, the technology of Chinese manufacturers is not much different from that of foreign countries. Chen Chaoyang said that VR technology is highly dependent on smart phone technology, and in terms of smart phones, China's technology is already in the world-class, so Chinese VR companies can keep pace with international manufacturers.

He Wenyi is optimistic about the entry of foreign big companies, and believes that the popularity of products will accelerate the development of VR content. At the content level, Chinese manufacturers have more local advantages than international manufacturers.

Chen Chaoyang believes that the advantage of Chinese manufacturers lies in localized services, knowing what Chinese users need, and serving local developers and users. Grasping these two points is not afraid of the threat of international big manufacturers. No market is a market of diversity, and no industry can be in a state of complete monopoly.

Ma Yuyu is not worried about the entry of international big companies. He introduced that uSens Lingzhi is more inclined to master the core technology. The company's positioning has decided to cooperate with international companies to share their own technology. Moreover, international manufacturers prefer to locate high-end and provide high-quality content for high-end users. uSens Ling believes that many consumers also need to experience lightly, watch videos and play games, so their products are not connected to the computer, only through the mobile phone and the internal processor of the helmet. This positioning gap also guarantees uSens Ling. The living space of feeling.

How to fill in the VR content short board in 2016?

Consumers want more than just hardware, content is the key to VR. However, the current VR industry also has content shortcomings, expansion of games and video content, and requires VR vendors and content partners on the ecosystem to work together. He Wenyi believes that the current problem is that there are fewer users of VR products, so there are fewer commercialized content, and the two are mutually causal. This is also the necessary stage of VR. Chen Chaoyang said that for the VR industry, there should be a golden age of ten years from 2016, and entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity.

Ma Yuyu believes that in the past, the production cost of VR content was high, but as the hardware matured, the cost of content production was gradually reduced. For VR games, Chen Chaoyang said that we are waiting for that "angry bird", on the one hand, we have enough games to be prepared; on the other hand, we are ready for the stage, let more game manufacturers participate, and hold good works. Attract users.

Speaking of short board, Ma Yuyu said that VR technology still has a lot of room for improvement. For example, with screen technology, Samsung is already developing 11K screens, so high-resolution screens are very important for VR; for example, video transmission technology, 4G network makes it very convenient for people to watch HD video, but VR video needs to be faster. 5G technology; like algorithms, the previous common camera algorithm needs to be adjusted and improved to be more suitable for VR products.

Chen Chaoyang pointed out that the bigger short board of VR is in VR film and television, and its maturity period is longer than the game. In 2016, UGC content may still be the main content, and the content of PGC will take longer to appear.

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