Seeing the head and headline, I believe that you all already know who is the protagonist of this bill, and yes, it is the Bluetooth touch mouse of Thinkpad. Insert a card below.

This product is sold in Jingdong 259, the subtitle is "ThinkPad flagship Bluetooth touch mouse, cool appearance, feel good!", flagship, cool, feel, you feel it. However, following the announcement of the Aunt, the comment was like this:

Even hard to use to eat. As a curious, friendly friend who loves new things, I am very curious that this mouse really can hardly use this point? So I decided to try my hand and try it out.

However, it is strange that the mouse was bought in Jingdong, but it is now missing from the Jingdong purchase record and the order has disappeared. It's as if the purchase record feels like a shame and disappears.

Out of the box

Since we can't find a purchase record, we don't know how much money was bought. Now, 259 is a pit father. Take a look at the photo.

Jingdong plastic bag packaging

Mouse package

Sealing, how to look does not have the temperament of 259.

Backside gestures

Main specifications

Comes with two 5th batteries, not bad

Open the package

Look at all angles

Key and Bluetooth connection keys

Battery compartment, two AA batteries, easy to take with praise.

It still looks beautiful, right. Let's talk about using it briefly.


First of all, let's talk about the key. One is on, and the other is off. It's not clear why it's not easy to use open and close, or on and off, or add a color logo. One and o have a memory cost.


The pairing process is the same as other Bluetooth mice. Just talk about it

Switch to a place, the front of the front of the light will flash, indicating that the mouse is turned on.

Then press the Bluetooth connection button and the light will start blinking, indicating that you are pairing. This time open the computer's Bluetooth, add a device, you can see this mouse, called the ThinkPad Bluetooth Touch Mouse, the next step is connected.


The surprise was just a moment and the guy's left button felt different. Looked at the structure, the original button is pressed down, the entire front is sinking, thumb hold place. Imagine if you like to clench with a mouse, then there may be such a scene, click, double-click not move, because they are given to hold. See the picture below for the activities.


Another difficult point is that there is no roller design and there is nothing wrong with the pursuit of design, but the premise needs to take into account ease of use. The mouse's sliding up and down is achieved through the touchpad, which is somewhat similar to the touchpad on a computer, but the mouse is a little different. When using the touchpad, how to operate the hands is free to control, but When holding the mouse, the posture of the hand is fixed, and the wheel operation can only be in a small range. Because the mouse is designed to be relatively small, my hand is larger, and the sensitivity of the touch is not accurate enough. As a result, when I use the touch to page up and down, the experience is very bad, I often do not move, or I touch it because of this. The two gestures of the mouse are two-finger sliding and two-finger sliding. For example, using the middle finger to page up and down, if the ring finger accidentally touches it, it may trigger a two-finger gesture, either to open the search or to open the start menu. And if you use it infrequently, your fingers will be very tired and there will be a feeling of cramps. The traditional scroll wheel will give you feedback when you roll, and the touch will not.


Let me cite which gestures are on the package

1 single refers to the center from the left : the current application list, which is the effect of the win+tab implementation on the keyboard.

2 single refers from the right to the center : Charm menu, measured win10 and win7 will not work, it is estimated that only win8.

3 single finger from left to right : switch applications, note that this is not the same as the first, this needs from left to right, the first is to the center on it. Equal to alt+tab, win7 does not support.

4 single finger from right to left : display the desktop, equal to win + d, win7, win10 are supported, not sensitive.

5 double pointing up : open the search panel, win7 does not support win10 can.

6 double-pointing : desktop and start menu switch, win7 and win10 are supported.

There are several gestures that are still useful, but they are not well implemented on this mouse, and they are too bad to use. The probability of a successful success is too small. When using gestures, you must also ensure that you cannot touch when you touch. Go on. The other fingers need to be lifted and cannot touch, otherwise the gesture is invalid. Therefore, there is no practical significance in supporting better gestures. From the left to the center is enough, how to operate from left to right, do not know that after their design is completed, the designer has not personally use it, feel the difficulty of that operation.


Although I have bought a lot of mice, I have not yet detached one of them. This time I encountered an unwieldy mouse and took a look at the structure.

First remove the cover from this gap, and there is a cable, which is probably the touch cable. There are four snaps that have already been broken.

Touch chip? not understand well.

Take down the skull

There are two screws on the buttocks. Unscrew them to remove the mezzanine. There is a spring. I don't know what to do.

Only one micro move

Unscrew the three screws. This board should be the power module, which is connected to the thread of the battery. Be careful not to break the place.

The switch is on the green board.

It is also a cable and a board. On the back is a Bluetooth connection button and light

Family portrait

Take this look down, the general working principle of the mouse will understand, because it is a micro-movement, the left and right keys are pressed as a whole, but as ordinary mouse, left and right separately, so that the right key is pressed, right-click function It's just one more step.

So the touch is not easy to use, it depends entirely on what the above layer of stickers is the program, but because the landlord is not really understand this circuit, it is powerless. However, from the actual use experience, it is still a bit worse.

to sum up

Let's summarize it

This mouse, to be honest, is very unsuitable for everyday use. A scroll wheel can cause people to collapse. The use effect can be said to be less than the modern mouse that I bought in Jingdong to pay for a few dollars.

Touch design, gimmicks are larger than the actual meaning, free from ease of use, designed for a sense of design, a typical vase.

The design is too small, resulting in touch operations that are not well done. The page-flipping area is too flat, it is not sensitive enough to use, and there is no clear feedback. It is also not friendly to fingers. It is easy to use for a long time.

I think that since the design route is not as bold as it is, the appearance is a little more exaggerated, and the ease of use is also raised. As a big-handed youth, the mouse is too small and it may be difficult to use. The more likely reason is that ergonomics was not considered at the time of design. The movement of many fingers is critical. Not everyone has practiced a yang finger.

Doing good products with your heart is still very important

Above, thank you all

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