The snow shoes of Tenda have existed for thousands of years and can be traced back to Central Asia. They are the indispensable equipment for the nomadic peoples in winter hunting and off-road. Initially, snowshoes were made from ropes and hides, while modern snowshoes evolved into rubber, nylon nets, and lightweight aluminum frames, making it easier to walk on snow.

Of course, this is not the final form of snow shoes. Crescent Moon, a snowshoe maker in Colorado, hopes to re-invent the snowshoe. Its unique feature is the use of double-density vinyl foam (EVA), which is similar to the sole material of running shoes, and can realize more light and stable snow. Walking feelings.

As you can see, the beautiful woman wearing the Crescent Moon snow shoes ran very lightly in the snow, without any pause. This is due to the sole-like shoe sole design, together with the very light weight of the EVA, which has improved the weight of previous aluminum alloy frame snow shoes.

In addition, Crescent Moon also uses a simpler fixed collar design that looks as simple as a sandal and is easy to wear for beginners.

This snow shoe is still in prototype design, but Crescent Moon is very satisfied with it, that the overall performance exceeds expectations, "We feel like a cat in the snow as flexible," Crescent Moon president and co-founder Jake Thamm described it as such.

Unfortunately, people can't buy this new type of snow shoes this winter and will need to wait until the fall of 2017. However, the price has been fixed at 149 US dollars (about 1026 yuan), which is still relatively affordable.

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