Thanks to the boom of smart phones and tablet computers, and the gift of the Win 8 touch Ultrabook, according to the Tuoji Industry Research Institute, global touch panel shipments will grow by 12% in the second half of this year. Repair to thirteen. 800 million tablets. In order to improve the lightness and thinness of panels used in smartphones and tablet computers, simplify the manufacturing process, and reduce the use of materials, how to find a touch technology with good specifications and low prices is the direction of various efforts. This also makes touch technology Constantly evolving.

In-Cell yield still needs to be overcome

At present, the two mainstream technologies of touch panels are glass projected capacitors (Glass Type PCT) led by Apple, and the other is film projected capacitors (Film Type PCT) used by non-Apple camps such as Samsung and HTC. There are controversies between the better and the worse. However, what is certain is that in order to expand the market share of smart phone brands and face the global economic slowdown, they have begun to develop towards low-end smart phones. In order to maintain a certain profit, brand manufacturers had to ask relevant component manufacturers to reduce costs. Among them, the touch panel module, which accounts for the largest cost structure of smart phones or tablet computers, bears the brunt.

According to the different integrated structure of the touch panel, the touch technology is divided into three types, namely "Out-Cell", "On-Cell" and "In-Cell".

"Out-Cell" means that the touch panel is externally attached to the liquid crystal panel, and its technology may include resistive touch, infrared touch, wave touch, optical touch, and capacitive touch technology. The "On-Cell" is a touch sensor made on the color filter in the liquid crystal panel. The touch element is mainly the x; y array of ITO, which is capacitive touch. At present, AMOLED (active organic light emitting diode) panel manufacturers have invested in "On-Cell" technology, called Super AMOLED.

OGS seizes business opportunities for thin and light pens

In addition, most of the "In-Cell" technology is actively developed by panel manufacturers. There is no need to assemble touch modules, and there is no need to add additional thickness and weight. LCD cell). Basically, the in-cell touch structure can be divided into three types. The sensing element can be a photo sensor, a pressed capaciTIve, or a pressed resistive. Because the sensor is susceptible to electromagnetic signal interference in the Cell and the yield is not high, the In-Cell is still some time away from mass production. However, the biggest advantage of In-Cell is that the thickness of a piece of touch-sensitive glass is reduced, and it can still be reduced by about 0.4 mm.

The difference between TOL and OGS is that OGS is the mother glass that has been chemically strengthened and then cut into sub-glass production lines to make ITO electrodes. The production process of TOL is just the opposite. The mother glass is cut first and then enters the chemical strengthening process, and then the ITO electrode is produced.

Cutting after the strengthened glass will destroy the strength of the glass itself, causing the problem of weakening the strength at the edge of the glass; therefore, most of the manufacturers will adopt the process of secondary strengthening. Since the ITO circuit has been fabricated on the glass substrate, if the chemical is strengthened for the second time, the ITO electrode will be etched because the glass is immersed in the chemical solution, affecting the touch function. To this end, another option is to use physical strengthening, which can be achieved using heat treatment or micro-etching processes.

Yang Renjie, an analyst at DIGITIMES Research, analyzed that the biggest difference between the touch interface of Windows 8 and Windows 7 is that the icon has been readjusted to make it more suitable for the use of touch, and the requirements for touch panel specifications are more stringent. . The touch panel for Windows 7 only needs two touches to pass the certification, and the standards for misjudgment of touch, power consumption and reporting rate are also relatively loose. After upgrading to Windows 8, in addition to the increase in touch points to at least five points, and generally requires ten points, the standards for the aforementioned touch features have also become stricter.

Since the market has reported that Apple's next-generation smartphone iPhone 5 will use In-Cell touch panels, it may impact the original two major touch panel suppliers F-TPK and Shenghua. In this regard, the executives of the two companies have recently agreed that although the performance will be somewhat affected, because of the recent development of the so-called OGS or TOL technology and the popularity of non-Apple customers, it is expected to make up for the lack of Apple ’s performance. contribution.

The proportion of TPK and Shenghua Apple decreased

In addition, in the second quarter, due to the replacement of new and old products of major customers, Apple's combined revenues were 360 ​​to 60. 8.11 billion yuan, an annual growth of 10%. 9%, but 10% less than the previous quarter. Nine percent, if the proportion of full-fit products is increased, it will affect the gross profit margin. The estimated single-quarter profit performance may not be as expected, which constitutes pressure on stock prices.

Shenghua, which is also Apple's supply chain, saw its consolidated revenue plummet to 52 in June. 1.8 billion yuan, a decrease of 33% from the previous month. six%. The cumulative second quarter consolidated revenue was approximately 223. 6.6 billion yuan, a quarterly decrease of 22%. Three percent, the legal person estimates that the second quarter of operations may turn from profit to loss.

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