This is a span of more than three months of installed capacity, stemming from last year's double 11 time period, Jingdong 1070 graphics card to drive, a moment of impulse defeated a Hall of Fame, neatly put in the 2550K, H2 chassis of the old machine (actually good , The machine is equipped for 13 years, using the Dylan 270X), no sideways, suddenly felt the light pollution of the Hall of Fame, so after receiving the meager year-end award at the end of the year, the heart of a cross, the silk to be installed Decent machine. result. . . The special code could not stand it. We would like to remind everyone here that it will not escalate. Of course, except for Hao. . .

Configuring single

Pickpocket Tour

CPU has no suspense, 7700K is the first choice, even if not overclocking, do not choose 7700, which is the industry consensus (please stay away from JS). 2550K perennial small super 4G use, coupled with 1070, I do not know is the psychological effect or the actual situation, feel the tank world, the ancient tomb effect is fully open, a little powerless (for comparison of the number of frames, there is indeed a small gap, but all 60 frames , so there should be no difference in real people's eyes, but the performance of the game U is still important. There is no suspense, direct Taobao pieces, buy boxes. . . Well, if I'm not bad, I also buy a box.

Well, only to find orders for 9 dollars shipping costs! !

7700K_Taobao search Taobao search is the most intelligent product search engine, through the operation of big data, accurate understanding of goods and users, to provide accurate personalized search experience. Direct links to

Trying to remember the camera, so there are indentations

In fact, the motherboard tangled for a long time, WeChat's Silver Ring Snake has been doing 8G memory activity, evaluation also from the light bar, equivalent to the Z270 board 900 wins, and the 10-phase power supply, more conscience than Asus. However, I have ironed my heart on the RM3 chassis, though I can barely go on the ATX board. . . but. . . . . The price is too high, ah, to remove the power supply cover and down into the fan, ah, B can also customize the LOGO light with the only air inlet so waste, think about summer games to play this small cans to 7700K sauna scene, nothing more . . . M-board 270 is not much choice, and only ASUS has a 10-phase power supply. Others are less than 8-phase, where you dare to use long-term super, and it is old, not in the mood for the past year, stable, good stability (In fact, there is no money to buy the 1700 270), then on the B250, do not ask me why I chose this one, I will not tell you it is behind the high value.

MSI B250M MORTAR motherboard (Intel B250/LGA 1151) 669 yuan Note its bezel! Pay attention to its bezel! High value! Jingdong direct link

Radiator selected owl, just curious about its work in the end there is no other people say that God, personal views, never used children's shoes, can indeed enter a taste of its work, that mirror, not the ordinary manufacturers do it out. Another reason is that he has found a Taobao shop that offers years of concessions. Hahahahahaha do not know why buying this cat fan looks like a hundred pieces. OK, I admit that the merchant's suit is. . .

NH-U12S F12_ Taobao search direct link

Memories are looking for a cheap one. As a result, this new brand is found, sold under the name of 2400. It is still a colorful lantern! ! I can't believe there is such a conscience maker. . . Therefore, with the use of the coupons early adopters, as buyers comment, indeed shows that it can be on the 3000, of course, B250 is not expected to use, but I feel that this cheap accounted for the cool ah. Lanterns are not cottages, there are a variety of small and simple citrus.

Asgard Light Bar (OC) DDR4 8G 2400 Frequency Desktop Light Bar (Colorful Flashing) 379 yuan Jingdong direct link

Graphics card 1070 is no suspense, the most cost-effective GPU, coincides with the Hall of Fame 2799, what are you waiting for!

Yingchi (Galaxy) GTX 1070 Hall of Fame 1620 (1822) MHz/8GHz 8G/256Bit D5 PCI-E graphics card 3399 yuan Wang Jingdong direct link to the white PCB products

Power supply XTR550, power card is definitely enough, on the NGA make up for the class, wait until the Jingdong preferential prices, decisively, and no part of the current sound of the voice, what should the Fu Fu, custom line will not say, feeling Loss, this business line technology in general, optimization did not do bit, let me use the line comb clip a good hard.

XFX rated 550W XTR550 power supply (80PLUS gold / full module / 5-year warranty / support back line) 579 yuan XFX XTR series 550W power supply can be regarded as the optimized version of the Rhine Yun scheme, adding a low load fan Stopping, the 12cm fan replaced the 13.5cm fan, also passed the 80plus gold medal, the nominal effective conversion rate of 90%, and the high conversion rate power supply of high-tech products. Double-panel, high-standard materials and LLC+DC-DC topology full-module design, 12V single-circuit design, 12V maximum 45A540W output Jingdong Direct link Encyclopedia

Forgive me for not looking at the power alone. Let's put the two keyboards together three years ago.

Chassis, in fact, decided to install the other major factor is the RM3, see all the pioneers installed light pollution, ah, really beautiful, after the actual arrival, found that homework to this point is indeed impressive, specifically to the flagship store to The silver top hole version, the shop did not hang out (now hanging out, and even there are gray!), directly asked the customer service, customer service said there are a few to stay, I want to directly shoot black notes just fine, Then the hahaha, which is properly made, is not really clean with the fan-less version. It is only at the expense of heat. Who let me be the appearance party,. . Red is too bright and it is not suitable for me such a low-key person

RM3_ Taobao search direct link


Actually leaked the video card


Light the test first

Light up OK

Loading boxes, not to mention, I can imagine the demolition of the dismantling of the equipment, tossing for 3 hours, what a small box, really a step full of lose all! Remember to remember, do your homework before loading, consider it well, don’t learn me

Video card into the box is too special code difficult, if you intend to install this box, but also the first time no experience, you can M, I simply teach snacks are blood history

Topline, this is already the limit!

Screws just matching the bezel

After the fan is the former amount of white bats, then the degree of fiery is almost the same as the current solar eclipse, but also a lot more expensive, the excess light is not bought, simple point is better.

Chassis color is still the main white, like simple and clean, please ignore color memory at this time

Desktop time

Finally, don't ask why I used the keyboard for three years so clean, I won't tell you I used the keyboard

After finishing the work, thank you for watching

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