German quality in the world can absolutely afford reliable and reliable praise. With rigorous attitude, the pursuit of quality has become a label made in Germany. Industrial robots have become a powerful guarantee for the advancement of German Industry 4.0 with excellent performance and efficient operation, among which KUKA robots are the most prominent. As a veteran company in the field of robotics, the spirit of craftsmanship has always been KUKA's corporate culture and meticulous pursuit of excellence has earned Kuka the recognition both inside and outside the industry. Today, Xiao Bian went deep into the robot factory of KUKA to reveal the gorgeous turn from small parts to large machines.

Coin Sorting Machine

CS-211S: 1+1 pockets coin counter and sorter,

CS-311S: 2+1 pockets coin sorter

CS-610S+PRO: 6+1 pockets coin sorter

CS-910S+: 9+1 Pockets coin sorter

Those 4 models are all with alloy sensor for counterfeit detection

CS-600B: 6+1 pockets, mainly sort coins by diameter, no counterfeit detection

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