The whole stadium went out and the long wait finally came to an end. As the host announced that “the press conference officially started”, Wang Feng appeared in front of the crowd. Behind him is an abandoned locomotive. The locomotive also carries a pair of Fiil headphones that are exaggerated. At the moment of turning on the lights, there was a cheer.

Thanks to Cui Jian, Jay Chou, and Han Geng, who opened the star to be mobile phones and headsets, Wang Feng is one of the most business-minded artists in the circle. Crossing the line to make headphones seems to be another example of fan economics. What can be surprising, or to be suspicious, is that Wang Feng, who is in the midst of performing arts, is actually different from the “predecessors” and made Fiil a career?

Beijing to the west

At night, the cries of the crickets set off more and more quietly. As there was no platform, the green trains parked in the park looked bigger than usual. The letter is suspicious. Here is the site of the launch event of the new Fiil Headphone Diva - the China Railway Museum. Like many attendees, "Maturing Material" is also the first time to know that there is such a place in the west of Beijing.

The smell of oil on the infield was heavy and the air conditioning was bad. The huge train depot was full of blue, red, and black lights, as well as overcrowding. When entering the market, she met Liu Jing, head of Fiil's marketing department. There was only one sentence: "I'm sorry, I didn't sleep for a night, and I was very busy."

If nothing unexpected, this is the busiest Tanabata in her life.

In fact, the conference is not very large. In addition to the media, the guests were divided into two groups. One was Wang Feng’s new vocal student and the other was Fiil CEO Peng Jinzhou’s friend in the technology circle. As far as the eye can see, you can see the first row sitting with hammer technology CEO Luo Yonghao, Apex Technology CEO Wang Feng.

Compared to fans, this is a group of people who can hardly be shaken. Therefore, during the one-and-a-half hour speech, there was little applause and cheers. The friends around me can't help but ask: "Is Ziyi coming?" I was speechless.

"Lastly make big money"

Entering the topic, Wang Feng first summed up the past: “Three products have sold 75,000 units in the past nine months.” There is applause here, but applause does not know what the 75,000 units are. Peng Jinzhou said frankly: “For the first generation of our target of setting 100,000 units internally, we are very happy to do more than 70,000 units in nine months. This year’s profit and loss point of the product is achievable (profitable) this year.”

Wang Feng took the lead and showed his disapproval of this real-time commercial feedback:

“When I was 20, I had written 50 songs and 60 songs. By the early 2000s, when I got to the album, many people thought that it was the peak. But after that album, nobody listened. By 2006, after 6 years. Some people think that the "Orphan of the Beautiful World" is really good."

He tried to use his own past to prove to reporters that “to make advanced things and meaningful things will eventually make big money.” But this is a kind of value judgment. Wang Feng's performance is undoubtedly more like a paranoid product manager. In the present, this is also considered a kind of fashion.

Those who are familiar with Wang Feng told "materialism." Outsiders always think that Wang Feng is too "endful." The export is always "What is your dream?" The distance and disgrace were born out of thin air. In fact, in real life, he is very idealistic, and he is used to guiding behavior with grand narratives. So he would go to the CTO with every detail of the product, and would also go with Liu Jing on each frame of the video.

"Many times, he is intuition."

As subordinates, the room for mediation is often very small. But having said that, the fact that Fiil was able to be established also depends on Wang Feng's verified intuition.

According to the "Entrepreneur" report, two years ago in the summer, investors Wu Shichun and Zhang Ye placed more than a dozen pairs of headphones in front of Wang Feng, who only identified the merits and demerits of the various pairs of headphones. For Zhang Ye, this is an excellent product manager. Obviously, when they finally completed the Fiil project, they did not think that Wang Feng, who could easily deal with thousands of concerts, would not necessarily lead a perfect conference.

"Hardware is only hardware after all"

To this day, Wang Feng still feels guilty about the speech last October. At the GMIC conference, he said: “Because I’ve been staring at PPT, I didn’t know what I was talking about for a few moments. I might have said it wrong. After the meeting, he asked the reporter again: "Isn't it so boring this time?"

To be precise, this time it was not Wang Feng's speech. In order to pave Diva's "wireless" and "intelligence", he talked with Wu Xiang, co-founder of Luoji Thinking; in order to interpret the design of Diva, Design Affairs Design Director Moritz Ludwig endorsed the whole course; as for every detail of "cool" on Diva Wang Feng, together with Suining, is always on the list:

28dB noise reduction level;

3 seconds voice search song;

Headphones right panel cut song, tuning;

Take down and stop, put on the broadcast;


“The hardware is only the hardware after all.” Wang Feng did not hide the excitement of someone mentioning Diva's bright spot, but it was also determined that Filil's future lies in its combination with content. In his words, this world is not controlled by cold machines, and life is still full of powerful content:

“We have gotten a consensus in the past ten months that we must go down to the content side. So, you will see that today Diva can directly read tens of thousands of songs in the Ocean Music Department. Users can talk to the headset. FIIL+ will be A strong content home. We don't want to go behind the times."

The content is music, and Wang Feng is clearer than everyone present. How much music is worth.

Nowadays, the copyright dispute is in full swing. Wang Feng's embarrassing thing is: As a musician, he is happy to see copyright fees rise. But as a chairman of a music platform, unlimited content means deep bottomless input.

Therefore, it can be predicted that when Wang Feng and his Fili stand in front of real opponents on a certain day, the question they must face is not the design, sound quality, or even the shipment of the Fiil headset, but he asks before the interview ends. The reporter’s sentence: “Can you imagine the value of ten million songs?”

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