Former erotic actress Sasha Grey, who has won the best actress for the "Adult Oscar", likes VR. She just doesn't buy VR pornography.

"VR porn is too exaggerated. It's an exaggeration. I once tried to watch a trailer. After watching me, I would never love VR porn again," she told CNBC reporters.

"I think people are not going to watch porn for real experiences. They are for illusions. VR porn is like watching porn on a big screen TV. I don't want it to be too real."

In addition to real estate and design, pornography is one of the areas with the highest VR conversion rates. Although Grey himself is also a VR fan and recently shot her DJ tour with a Samsung Gear VR camera, she believes that VR cannot change the rules of the adult film industry.

“I would rather have real things. To a certain extent, porn is always leading technology, like some kind of muse.” 28-year-old Grey is one of the most successful cross-border stars in the world. She went from Hollywood to Hollywood, wrote novels, and started her musical career as the lead singer of the industrial band aTelecine.

Grey wants to turn off Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat: "I hope I don't have to use these things from now on, but I understand it's a tool to communicate with old powder and potential new products." She is passionate about more disruptive technologies. . "VR is such an exciting new medium. It is a young technology and it has as little as possible."

She intends to return to Los Angeles to start making a tour video of the VR camera and eventually send the finished product online. "I use Gear VR all the time. As long as you use it with your phone, it will splice the content and save a lot of editing time. It's easy to use."

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