Human attempts to artificially illuminate city streets began in the early 15th century in the UK. In 1843, the first street lamp appeared on the streets of Shanghai, China. The development of the city has been inseparable from the lighting services of street lamps. The street lamp management department is to do the daily operation management of the street lamp for the city road. The Shanghai Street Lamp Management Center has jurisdiction over nearly 530,000 street lamps covering 6,300 square kilometers in the city. At present, the street lamp pole has been tried.

When everyone realized that the street light pole is a good resource, the concept of intelligent light pole and street light pole comprehensive utilization was put forward.

The lamppost is built using a model of the open system:

The light pole comprehensively utilizes the foundation of open applications;

Reliability/installation problems of the pole;

Lightweight application model (based on current pole);

Heavy equipment application model;

Safety model of the pole (eg: leakage protection);

Safe and reliable power supply model;

Unified wiring model;

Safety lightning protection model;

Electrical cavity design for equipment access (under the pole system);

Wiring model

Independent door opening service;

Waterproof treatment model;

Internet of Things system services;

Internet of Things access model;

Communication protocol, standard system, open system;

A data security model based on the Internet + system.

Street light pole comprehensive utilization - application examples

Street lamp itself application:

Build a powerful IoT communication network;

Strengthen power management;

Realize the safety of the integrated rod;

Achieve smart lighting applications.

Application related to public security:

In order to provide services based on poles and electricity, video surveillance still needs to follow the public security system;

Extended security services: emergency broadcast, one-click rescue, etc.

Extended applications with road transportation services:

Tracking management application for urban special vehicles;

Light pole positioning service;

Vehicle traffic collection service.

Information release-oriented services:

LED advertising screen;

Traffic guidance screen.

Public Service Carrier Service:

4G base station, WIFI base station;

Dynamic loop data acquisition.

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