<div align="left"> The four-year Olympic Feast is about to start. It is absolutely imperative to purchase a smart TV with an excellent audio and video experience. In the endless stream of cost-effective television today, the purchase of television is not allowed, so as not to buy the old models with special names to clear the goods. At a minimum, you must have a 4K ultra-high-definition screen and an Android smart system. The old 1080P and Internet TV must not be bought. The price gap is not big. You must not bury a good smart TV experience with one or two hundred yuan. If you are too lazy to pick your own, the following TVs may be a good choice.

First, Hisense LED50EC590UN 50-inch 4K smart TV

Hisense LED50EC590UN 50-inch 4K smart TV uses a colorful screen, ten-core processor, and VisionUI system designed for smart TV. The TV experience is excellent. The most surprising thing is its ultra-low price, currently only 2999 yuan Jingdong client!

Hisense LED50EC590UN 50-inch 4K smart TV has a bright 4K enhancement technology, equipped with a 4K TV core, provides a unique 4K image processing program, through the image quality enhancement technology and dynamic compensation technology to reduce the turbulence, aliasing and layering of TV dynamic images. Makes the TV can provide more detailed definition, to achieve a better viewing effect.

In terms of smart TV hardware, Hisense LED50EC590UN is equipped with a quad-core Cortex-A9 processor and a Mali450-MP4 quad-core graphics processor, which can provide strong computing power and can easily run large-scale somatosensory games and enhance the details of the impact.

Hisense LED50EC590UN uses the VisionUI system designed for smart TVs. The video search aggregates all video resources and can be directly accessed through the first letter. VisionUI provides 7 large sections for quick and direct access, while the desktop supports customization and customization belongs to your exclusive interface.

The EC590 provides a one-touch direct page, such as good-looking, easy-to-use, and fun-to-play. Get together to see the convergence of the entire network video and television, to create a large-screen video platform for television, so that everyone can find favorite programs. At the same time, video resources have been continuously updated, and genuine movies, theater regions, 4K zones, online concerts, and variety shows have made family life full of fun.

Second, Storm Super Body TV 55B

Storm Super TV 55B is a 55-inch Internet smart TV, whole body rose gold color, magnesium aluminum alloy frame with drawing process more stylish. Compared to other products, the rounder, more rounded frame design also looks very soft.

Storm Super TV 55B uses Amlogic crystal morning T866 processor, which is based on ARM Cortex-A9 architecture quad-core 32-bit processor, clocked up to 1.8GHz. The GPU graphics processor uses the Mali-450 MP8 eight-core processor. Although the model is earlier, the 8-core design is still very powerful. The storage part is 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, which is equivalent to the current high-end TV configuration.

Superstorm TV 55B UI is named after “Wind UI”. We can use the left and right arrow keys of the remote control to slide the selection panel. When you select a panel and slide the remote controller downward, you will see more detailed content. classification.

The homepage of the interface includes a carousel channel, recommendation of TV and movie resources, and application and personal settings. Through the rotation program, we can watch the contents of the 24-hour carousel program of 10 Internet rotation channels.

Storm 55B TV interface switching effect as a whole smooth, but also through the remote control "Biu" button to quickly customize the function button, so that in general will be more convenient to operate, but currently does not support voice input function.

The license for the Superstorm 55B is GITV Galaxy Internet TV. In terms of content support, the storm is said to create an open platform for content ecology, with iQiyi, Storm Video, etc. to provide a steady stream of content resources. Bringing together the entire network of video resources, cinema full coverage of more than 95%.

Third, Changhong U55G 55-inch smart TV

Changhong U55G 55-inch smart TV is as thin as 11.8mm in body thickness, aviation metal magnesium alloy material all-metal structure, sapphire hardness 9H glass backplane, so that ordinary TV can also have the beauty and elegance of high-end television.

Changhong U55G is a 55-inch smart TV with a light body design of 11.8mm. Retina 4K Ultra HD LCD panel, Android smart system, HDMI2.0, USB3.0 and other interfaces are all available! GITV licensees and Mango TV provided Changhong U55G with a huge amount of video content resources. The strong content resources and excellent product design made Changhong U55G a favorite of many friends.

Changhong U55G thin screen to accept the simple, elegant geometric features. The panels are wrapped around a thin frame, and the screen appears to float in midair to make the view light and incomparable. The material of the fuselage was made of aerospace magnesium alloys, through a special aluminum extrusion process and a titanium alloy rendering process. The backboard is made of sapphire-hardened 9H glass. The laser cutting process makes the texture slim and fits closely to the body, making the TV feel like a handicraft to your home.

The Retina 4K panel used by Changhong U55G is more than clear. The Retina 4K panel has up to 8.3 million pixel points on the 0.834m2 panel, giving you a glimpse of exciting details. RGB arranged 4K panel, delicate picture, vivid colors, restore vivid and vivid natural colors.
Changhong U55G has rich video resources. In addition to the huge resources of popular movie theaters, hot variety entertainment, children's education, and sports events, there are special zones such as Phoenix Television, World Cup, and movie clubs to create different living room entertainment systems for you. Android system provides users with massive applications and updates at any time. It fully meets the user experience of early adopters. Games, videos, and education are all available for you to create a better living room entertainment experience.

Fourth, Skyworth 55S9 IPS hard screen smart TV

Once upon a time, the IPS hard screen was one of the hallmarks of high-end smart TVs. Compared to ordinary LED screens, the price was a lot more expensive, but the current high-end OLED occupation. IPS hard screen also put a noble figure into the homes of ordinary people. Skyworth 55S9 is a 55-inch smart TV with an IPS hard screen. At present, Jingdong sells for only 2,899 yuan. Apart from “buy, buy, buy,” Xiaobian can say anything!

Skyworth 55S9 uses a unique cool open system, built thousands of genuine large-scale online play, popular TV drama more than 30,000 episodes, children's channel 10,000 hours, a total of about 100,000 hours. At the same time, Skyworth has international, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the mainland's three major buying lines, each week has a new look, is we really affordable home theater.

Skyworth 55S9 has built-in rich application platform for cool open, there are a variety of genuine applications, from video, music, games to shopping, parent-child and other references, can easily meet our application needs of smart TV. Skyworth 55S9 also supports somatosensory games and other interactive entertainment, so you can play more fun.

Smart TV is not only a platform for video entertainment, but also a screen for education. Skyworth 55S9 provides two programs for children, East Sen YOYO and MOMO. In cooperation with China's Internet TV service providers, they have introduced a variety of preschool education programs for children and adults. The programs are of high quality and rich in content, and are excellent learning resources for children. 55S9 also has many resources for parent-child interaction intelligence development to help children grow up healthily.

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