With the development of the times, science and technology are improving day by day, and televisions have also transformed from traditional black-and-white televisions to today's high-definition color television sets. In today's high-definition televisions, the frequency of "4K TVs" is getting higher and higher. It is no doubt that it has become a new trend storm. What is the best viewing distance for a 4K TV set to achieve the best picture quality?

People's eyes are sensible. We can see things within a certain distance and we can't see clearly when we are far away. This distance is the best distance for your perceived resolution.

According to expert analysis, when users watch TV or movies, they can achieve a “full field of vision” which is the best effect. Due to the increase in resolution, it is necessary to reach a full field of view. shorten. For example, the diagonal is also a 55-inch TV. The best viewing distance when watching HD signals is more than double the distance from traditional cable TV.

In general, the best viewing distance is estimated based on 4-6 times the diagonal of the TV screen. For example, a 32-inch LCD TV with a diagonal length of 40 inches should have a better viewing distance of 2.5 meters. But 4K TV can minimize the best viewing distance. Why is this?

1. Since the birth of 4K technology has improved the resolution by more than 4 times, the dot pitch is smaller, and the edge of the image quality is more delicate. Therefore, the user does not feel that there are more than one pixel arrangement to produce the rough edge of the screen when watching TV at a close distance. .

2. In addition to making users feel more screen information, the telepresence has also become the second biggest benefit of 4K. Experts say that because of the close viewing distance, users feel that the screen is more realistic, especially when watching 3D images. The closer the distance, the stronger the sense of reality and reality, the easier it is to create a more stunning picture.

What is the best viewing distance for a 4K TV? Usually the best viewing distance for a 50-inch screen 4K TV is about 1-1.5 meters, which allows a smaller indoor space to accommodate large-screen TVs larger than 50 inches. Even with a 65-inch big screen TV, the best viewing distance is shortened to about 2 meters and can be put into a living room of about 20 square meters.

4K TV best viewing distance calculation formula.

Europe and the United States calculate the display device's best viewing distance, resolution and screen height:

Optimum viewing distance (cm) = screen height ÷ vertical resolution × 3400

Watching 4K TV at close range will not hurt the eyes

In our understanding, the closer a person is to a television, the greater the stimulus, and the more likely it is to cause eye strain. Therefore, the placement of the television should be based on the physiological requirements of the eye. The best location is that people are 2.5 to 8 meters away from the TV, and their height is slightly lower than the eye level. When it is too high, it is easy to cause fatigue when looking up when looking up; when it is too low, it is prone to fatigue because you need to look down and look down.

Dr. Lee Daphne of the American Academy of Ophthalmology believes that it is too close or too far from the TV screen - "does not cause physical harm to human eyes." However, he also said that watching too much TV will definitely lead to eye strain, especially if it is too close to the screen or looks at TV screens. The way to relieve eye fatigue is simple: Turn off the TV and let the eyes rest. Just need a good night's sleep, tired eyes soon return to normal.

Therefore, it is no longer a problem to watch the 4K TV at a close distance to hurt the eyes, but it is necessary to have a moderate rest.

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