Now, we open the phone more than 200 times per person per day, from the morning to the circle of friends, to the praise before going to bed at night. According to the survey, on average, everyone will have nearly 100 brand contacts every day. In this era of information explosion, what kind of brand can impress us?

The answer is interesting.

Only interesting brands can inspire people's curiosity and desire to share, and are willing to spread spontaneously.

From Lei Jun's Xiaomi to Luo Yonghao's hammer mobile phone, we are willing to share and spread, because it is a brand that is interesting enough.

How can we create a fun brand?

First you have to be an interesting person.

First of all, it is very important that you have to be a funny person or to find interesting people. You have to be curious about the world, ready to discover unknown surprises. Only those who are passionate about new things can discover and create interesting things.

Learn to speak to consumers

WeChat to five years today, we can find millions of public numbers, and a few have done very well? The WeChat public account of most companies stays at the stage of self-promotion and expression. They don't know what consumers care about, they don't know where the consumers are, and they rarely interact with consumers.

No matter what product you do, it is important that you learn to communicate with others. You have to walk into them and understand their needs and pain points. The interesting spread is not your own, you have to let the consumer pick it up so that you can really impress consumers.

Understand 90

The post-90s represent the true future. They are a group of people who are innovative, rebellious, willing to share and spread. Mobile Internet, differentiation, home life, connotation, advanced consumption and entertainment are the six labels after the 90s. From the perspective of consumption levels, the impact of the long process of growth after the 90s on the consumer market continues to intensify. Especially after work, income will increase rapidly after 90s, and purchasing power will continue to increase.

So, after understanding 90, I understood the future of China.

Tell the story to the brand

People are naturally fond of listening to stories. Good stories are not only easy to remember, but also have high dissemination value.

People not only share information, it is easier to share relevant stories. Ali's American roadshow is currently the most influential event in the domestic business community. Once a small role and not optimistic about Ma Yun, today many business envy and hate, an article called "Today you love me, Tomorrow I will let you climb high. It is even more popular with WeChat group. The reading volume has already risen to 100,000+. This is the power of the story.

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